Consider the Benefits of Becoming a Teacher

The average salary for a Nassau County teacher with a bachelor’s degree is $42,133 and the average salary for a Nassau County teacher with a master’s degree is $49,628.

Too Many of Us Take Education for Granted

You may be fortunate enough to have an employer that will subsidize your continuing education, but you should continue your education even if it is on your own nickel.

High School Football Line Up

Friday night football is back and here is this week’s line up for our local high schools in Nassau County, Florida.

Christa Powell Walley Scholarship

The Christa Powell Walley Scholarship is available to high school seniors, undergraduate and graduate college students who have ties to Nassau County, Florida.

Get on Your Way

Dr. Seuss is my favorite philosopher. I find inspiration in his whimsical words of wisdom, particularly those in his book, Oh! The Places You’ll Go.

Add Delicious Frosting to Your Dull Career

Taking your career from dull to delicious is much like adding frosting to a cake. Just add some extra frosting and your career can be as delightful as a piece of cake.

Ready to Go Back to School?

“Leadership begins with recognizing that every human being needs four things,” said Holtz, “something to do, someone to love, something to hope for, and something to believe in.”