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Fernandina Beach Homicide Case solved after Exhumation

Fernandina Beach Homicide Case solved after ExhumationSubmitted by Fernandina Beach Police Chief James Hurley

For the past three years the Fernandina Beach Police Department has been actively working an open unsolved homicide case from 1987 and recently learned that the primary suspect, James Lee Hall, Jr., has been positively connected to the heinous crime through DNA identification.

The news came after an arduous process of evidence retrieval which involved uncooperative family members, legal reviews, search warrants, military process, and exhumation orders issued to authorities in Colorado to remove Hall’s body from a military cemetery for the collection of specific tissue containing DNA samples for comparison to that collected at the murder scene almost twenty-eight years ago. Hall left Amelia Island a short time after the murder of Janet Marie Robinson and died of natural causes in 2000.

Janet Robinson, formerly Simmons, 56 years of age, was brutally assaulted and murdered in her home at 722 South 10th Street, Fernandina Beach, on May 15, 1987. Jimmy Hall was an early suspect after being observed running from the scene, and he also had a history of similar assaults of older women in the neighborhood. Remarkably, Hall was dismissed by investigators after another man, Robert Way, insinuated he and another into the investigation by claiming responsibility. Both men were arrested for the murder, and then later released when an alibi emerged for the second man and Way then failed a polygraph examination, before recanting the confession altogether.

The case remained unsolved for many years. It was reopened three years ago and initial steps were taken to further the investigation. Department members always felt that this case “fell through the cracks,” and after Captain Jim Coe retired in 2011 it appeared that the case may end up back in a drawer. However, Coe agreed to come back to work as a part-time investigator, to review new cases, mentor young detectives, and most importantly, to renew focus on the Robinson homicide for the very same reason as fictional Homicide Detective Harry Bosch. Michael Connelly’s famous character is colorblind, often stating that in the pursuit of justice “everybody counts or nobody counts.” In fact, every dedicated police officer burns with a desire to see that nobody gets away with serious crime, especially murder, and Jim Coe always knew that modern technology and forensic science might one day afford us the opportunity to see justice served for the Robinson family. To close this case during Black History Month is also gratifying, considering the historical connections to the old Peck High School, and more significantly, to Robinson’s first husband, Jeremiah Mattox.

Janet Marie SimmonsPictured: Janet Marie Simmons
Peck High School Class of 1949
“Most Popular”

Janet Simmons was one of the first students at the new Peck School in 1936, and was one of only a few students to spend her entire time there, graduating in 1949, which was the last graduating class at Peck High School. Her high school yearbook suggested that she was an accomplished singer and that she intended to pursue a career in Gospel music. She was voted “Most Popular” by her classmates, which include former Fernandina Beach Mayor Charles Albert.

She met Jeremiah “Jerry” Mattox and the two were married in 1950 at the First Missionary Baptist Church in Fernandina Beach. Mattox resided at 717 South 10th Street, which is directly across the street from where Janet was killed in 1987. Mattox had previously resided in St. Mary’s, Georgia, but was coaxed to Nassau County by Sheriff H. J. Youngblood in 1950 to become the first black deputy in Nassau County. Youngblood was reportedly looking for a “Jackie Robinson type” to patrol American Beach after a white deputy was attacked and severely injured at that location by two black men.

On March 13, 1954 Deputy Jerry Mattox responded to a domestic violence call on 8th Street in Fernandina Beach and was shot and killed by the man he was trying to arrest, becoming the first black law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty in Nassau County. Janet and her friends were returning from the beach at that very moment and actually witnessed her husband’s death, according to reports. Janet remarried a few years later, but the marriage failed and, at some point, she moved to Cleveland, Ohio. She returned to Fernandina Beach around 1984 and worked as a cook at the Sandbar Restaurant.

jerry-mattoxPictured: Deputy Jerry Mattox is buried at Bosque Bello
(Surprisingly, no photograph has been located)

On May 15, 1987, the body of Janet Marie Robinson, 56 years of age, was found in her residence at 722 S. 10th Street, Fernandina Beach, Florida. Investigation revealed that she had been sexually assaulted and murdered. An autopsy was conducted on May 16, at 11:00 AM in Jacksonville, Florida. The Medical Examiner estimated the time of death at 24 to 36 hours from the time of autopsy and confirmed a sexual assault. The Medical Examiner identified the cause of death as asphyxia due to strangulation.

Early investigation into the homicide by Lieutenant Dana Davis of the Fernandina Beach Police Department appears to have initially identified the suspect as James Lee Hall, Jr. However, upon declaration of a purported eyewitness, Robert Jerome Way, the detectives investigating the crime abandoned Hall as the suspect and ultimately arrested Octavian Troy Brewton. Robert Way identified Brewton as the perpetrator of the murder and sexual assault and incriminated himself as the lookout. On May 27, 1987, both men were arrested and booked for the homicide.

The following day, on May 28th, Robert Way submitted to a polygraph examination administered by Woodley Polygraph Service of Jacksonville. After failing the polygraph, Way admitted to lying to the police about his statements and about his knowledge of the crime to the police. Way was adjudicated guilty of providing false information of a crime and was sentenced to six months in the Nassau County Jail. The State Attorney’s Office entered a nolle prosequi of the charges filed against Brewton, but Brewton remained in custody for a burglary that he had committed on the very night of the homicide, outside the city limits of Fernandina Beach.

The only significant physical evidence of the homicide found by law enforcement was located on the body of the victim. Biological evidence from the sexual assault kit enabled the crime lab to construct a DNA profile. The constructed DNA profile was foreign to the victim. The foreign DNA profile was determined to be consistent with originating from a male individual. Both Octavian Brewton and Robert Way were eliminated as the source of this foreign profile. The unknown subject linked to the recovered DNA has not been identified through the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS).

Fernandina Beach Police Department detectives investigating the crime never refocused their interest and investigation back to the original suspect, James Lee Hall, Jr. Hall appears to have left Florida to move to Colorado within months of Brewton having the charges against him dropped.

james-lee-hall-jrPictured: James Lee Hall, Jr. (1986)
Upon reopening this case, Detective Jim Coe focused on the statements and the alibi of James Lee Hall, Jr. as documented in the reports and notes of the original detectives (Davis, Carter and Thompson). Detective Coe noted significant discrepancies in Hall’s statements to the investigators with regard to: (1) when he last saw the victim, (2) when and if he was ever at her residence, and (3) his activities on the night of the homicide.

The discrepancies are illuminated by statements provided to Lieutenant Davis on May 16, 1987 at 1:15 AM and again at 5:15 PM by James Lee Hall, Jr. Lt. Davis documented in his notes his follow up of those initial statements and of the alibi witnesses provided by Hall.

Initially, Hall described the victim as a friend of his mother’s that he saw only when she visited. At first he stated he had never been to her residence. He later made a statement indicating that he had been to the victim’s residence to help her hang some blinds and to have lunch. It appears from the notes taken by Lt. Davis that the lunch he talks about took place the Tuesday before Ms. Robinson’s death. Hall said that he was supposed to build Ms. Robinson a dog house the week before, but had never gotten around to it. Hall told detectives that he saw the victim at the liquor store on Thursday, May 15th about 5:00 PM. That would have made him one of the last persons to see the victim alive, other than the liquor store clerks.

Hall told Lt. Davis that after seeing the victim at the liquor store he went home and stayed there all evening. He then added that he went to a neighbor’s house to help paint at about 6 or 7:00 PM. He did not know the neighbor’s name at first and then he identified him as “Allen.” He said he stayed at Allen’s place until about 10 or 11:00 PM. He left there and went to Miss Katy’s Place, 326 South 9th Street. Miss Katy’s at the time was a local drinking and dancing establishment. Hall said in his statement to detectives that he stayed there until about 1:00 AM (May 15th) and then went home and went to bed.

Lt. Davis interviewed Allen Melton who verified Hall came to his house to paint his kitchen. Melton said Hall left after dark, but he did not remember the exact time. Melton claims to have met up with Hall later at Star Reathea Perkins’s house. He said that he and others including Hall stayed “’til way after daylight.” When interviewed by detectives, Hall never mentioned anything about going to his friend Star’s residence.

According to Lt. Davis’s interview notes, Star Reathea Perkins confirmed that Hall came to her home that evening just before dark. Ms. Perkins said that she wanted Hall to stay with her and watch the HBO special “Hitchhiker” that came on about 11:00 PM. Perkins said that Hall told her he did not want to be walking the roads all hours of the night because the police might stop him. She said Hall left stating that he was going home. Perkins stated that she did not see Allen Melton that night.

Investigators were able to corroborate Star’s statement in reference to her recollection of the times she gave. The investigators reviewed the television guide for the evening of May 14th and found that the program “Hitchhiker” showed at 11:15 PM.

Google Maps indicates that Hall lives just a short three minute walk from Ms. Perkins and yet he does not put himself home until 1:00 AM. It should be noted that his route home would pass directly by the victim’s residence or 722 South 10th Street.

Lt. Davis contacted Anthony L. Johnson. Anthony Johnson is apparently the “Anthony” that Hall used as an alibi witness to attest to his presence at Miss Katy’s. Johnson gave a brief statement indicating that he was at Miss Katy’s about closing time when he saw Jimmy Hall (James Lee Hall, Jr.) come in. Johnson said that Hall arrived at about 1:20 AM and left about 1:40 AM to go home. Anthony Johnson does not make any reference to leaving with Hall, which again contradicts the statement Hall gave to detectives.

Another witness, Theadessa Hamilton, told Lt. Davis and Detective Carter that she was having trouble sleeping and went for a walk. Ms. Hamilton, whose address was 828 S. 11th Street, was walking on S. 11th Street in the 700 block. She told detectives that she heard a tripping noise and a dog barking coming from the area of the victim’s residence. The noise made her turn and look in that direction and she observed Jimmy (James Lee Hall, Jr.) coming from that area running across (Tyler’s) backyard. Ms. Hamilton said she asked him for a cigarette. He slowed down a bit and said he did not have one and kept going. Ms. Hamilton said she heard noises behind his house which sounded like he went in a back door. Ms. Hamilton thought the time to be about 3:00 or 4:00 AM. She said she was sure it was Hall because she has known him for 20 years. Ms. Hamilton provided a written statement describing the event.

In a follow up interview conducted by in October of 2011 with Theadessa Hamilton (now Williams) she recalled the evening that she saw Jimmy Hall (James Lee Hall, Jr.) coming from the area behind the victim’s residence. Ms. Williams said she was walking north on S. 11th Street headed back to the Island Bar. Her recollection was that Jimmy appeared to be running from something and that he was sweating profusely. Ms. Williams said that she does not remember him having a shirt on at the time. She had not mentioned Hall being shirtless in her original statement, but did say he was running and in a hurry. She indicated that her family and the Hall family had all grown up together and lived in the same area for years. Ms. Williams said that at the time she really did not think much of the encounter. It was not until after the news of the murder was on the streets that she realized the significance of having seen Hall that night. Ms. Williams said that the word on the street was that Jimmy (James Lee Hall, Jr.) was responsible for the homicide. She said that after the other two guys were arrested all that talk died down.

Through a records check Coe discovered what appears to be a pattern of criminal activity involving James Lee Hall, Jr., which was extensive and included among other crimes: trespassing, burglary, domestic battery and at least one prior sexual battery. These crimes span at least three states: Florida, Kansas and Colorado.

Several of the criminal cases which occurred in Fernandina Beach, Florida, displayed a consistent pattern. The victims were friends of his mother, Coretha Hall, with whom James Lee Hall, Jr. lived with at the time. They were older females who lived alone. The assaults or attempted assaults were in close proximity to his residence and they occurred in the late evening or early morning hours.

Ms. Corona Jones, age 65, reported James Lee Hall, Jr. in her bedroom asleep on the floor. He entered her bedroom from a window over her bed in the early morning hours.

Ms. Beatrice Davis, age 70, lives next door to her friend, Coretha Hall. She reported that James Lee Hall, Jr. came into her residence uninvited and sexually assaulted her. The assault was interrupted by family members returning to the residence. Ms. Davis confided to Coretha Hall that James had also attempted to rape her a few years earlier, but she was able to fight him off.

The sexual assault that Ms. Davis describes in her written statement provided to Fernandina Beach Police Officer Missinne on November 29, 1986, is strikingly similar to the assault on the victim of this homicide, Ms. Robinson. Ms. Robinson, according to friends and neighbors, rarely allowed anyone in her home. The entry in this case was through an unlocked back door and was most likely uninvited. The position of the body and the clothing of the victim suggest a forceful assault wherein the suspect attempted to pin the victim to the floor while pulling down her bra and underclothes. This was exactly the same scenario as the assault on Ms. Davis which occurred barely six months prior. Ms. Davis decided not to pursue prosecution against James Lee Hall, Jr., and the charges were dropped, leaving Hall free from prosecution.

Law enforcement never obtained a DNA sample from James Lee Hall, Jr., so he was never entered into the DNA database for sexual offenders. Hall left Florida and moved to Colorado. It follows that because of the serial nature of his offenses, Colorado and other states may have open cases of sexual assaults or homicides that could be resolved by a submission of Hall’s DNA to CODIS, the national database. That submission should occur within the week.

Based on the information obtained from the original case files, the obvious false and misleading statements provided by the suspect and the apparent proclivity for violence towards women, there is probable cause to believe James Lee Hall, Jr. entered the home of Janet Marie Robinson on or about the night of May 14, 1987 or the early morning hours of May 15, 1987, and committed a sexual assault. During the course of the brutal sexual assault, James Lee Hall Jr., in his attempt to overcome the victim’s resistance suffocated her, causing her death.

After all these years, the only physical evidence to prove or disprove James Lee Hall, Jr. murdered Janet Robinson is a DNA sample from James Lee Hall, Jr. A Search and Seizure Warrant was granted and the body was exhumed at Fort Logan National Cemetery in Denver, Colorado and evidence collected. The case has now been closed with the DNA identification of Hall. Whether Jimmy Hall remains interred at Fort Logan remains to be seen, as the military may elect to evict him from his honorable resting place.

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Miss Shrimp Festival 2015 Now Accepting Applications

Miss Shrimp Festival 2015 Now Accepting Applications Amelia Island, FL – Applications are now being accepted for the Miss Shrimp Festival Scholarship Pageant, sponsored by the Historic Harbor Front Hampton Inn & Suites. Entrants must be high school level juniors and seniors attending public, private, alternative and home schools. Eligible participants must reside in Nassau County, Florida, but may attend high school in another county to enter. The winner will receive a $1,000 scholarship and the title of Miss Shrimp Festival. Scholarships will also be awarded to the First Runner-Up, Second Runner-Up, and Miss Congeniality.

The first rehearsal will be held on Sunday, March 1, 2015 at 3 p.m. at Bean School of Dance in Fernandina Beach. Contestants meet weekly to learn the choreography of the opening sequence of the pageant, and to prepare for this highly anticipated event. The competition starts with a judge’s interview and dinner catered by Chick-fil-A the Wednesday before the pageant. On Thursday night the contestants make their first appearance in the Pirate’s Parade, riding the route on boats furnished by Redmond Yachts. On Friday, May 1, 2015, Russell Colburn of Fox 30 News will emcee the pageant. The newly crowned 2015 Miss Shrimp Festival will make several appearances throughout the weekend, help with the Little Pirate Contest, the Beard Contest and participate as a judge in the Shrimp Boat Parade on Sunday.

The Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival is consistently rated by “Sunshine Artist Magazine” in the top 100 North America best events. The street festival features fine arts and crafts, antiques, live entertainment, Blessing of the shrimp boat fleet, pirate invasions, family friendly contests, a Kids Fun Zone and of course, lots and lots of shrimp!

The Opening Ceremony for the Shrimp Festival begins Friday, May 1st, at 6:30 p.m., followed by the Miss Shrimp Festival Scholarship Pageant at 7:00 p.m., though many sponsorship booths, the Kids Zone and the waterfront food booths open at 4:00 p.m. On Saturday May 2nd, the festival gets bigger with over 300 arts and crafts booths joining the fun from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Sunday, May 3, 2015, the festival is open from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

For more information please visit the official website at ShrimpFestival.com.

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Amelia Island’s Rendezvous Festival Partners with Eurochannel

Amelia Island's Rendezvous Festival Partners with EurochannelRendezvous Festival and Eurochannel have entered a partnership initiating worldwide exposure to this nine-day movie, music, and gaming event being held all over Amelia Island in June 2015. Featuring movie screenings, talks, concerts, expositions, tributes and parties, the Rendezvous Festival is named after a music club on Amelia Island’s American Beach that once hosted famed musicians such as Louis Armstrong, James Brown, Billie Daniels, and Ray Charles in the 1930’s, 40’s, and 50’s. In 1964, the Rendezvous was hit hard by Hurricane Dora and everything was destroyed.

Eurochannel is dedicated to promoting European movies, documentaries, and music. Director of Programming and Acquisitions of Eurochannel Christian Poccard, has participated in the selection committees of Film Festivals such as Berlin and Rotterdam, as well as attending Film Festivals around the World like Cannes, Venice, Rome and others. Their branch into music permits viewers to find legends like U2 and Phil Collins performing alongside the hottest upcoming musical acts like Davie Guetta and Enrique Iglesias. Eurochannel brings viewers into the most important film festivals in Europe, and now Amelia Island, where the latest in independent films and music are being positioned to take the world by storm this June.

One highlight of the Rendezvous Festival takes place June 11th when Country Music Association recording artist the Shane Wooten Band takes the stage for a high energy, outdoor concert at Main Beach in Fernandina. Shane, from Ocala, Florida, is a CMA up and coming artist to watch in 2015. “Shane Wooten caught our attention with the numerous accomplishments he has gained so far in his career,” said Integrity Music Management President David Adkins.

The goal of the festival is to inspire the creativity and imagination of new and experienced filmmakers, gamers, and musicians by showcasing the talent of industry professionals.

The Rendezvous Festival takes place June 5th – 13th and is all about entertainment by bringing artists and the community together for an amazing event.

For more information visit the website: www.rendezvousfestival.com.

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Engineering New Tissues and Organs

Engineering New Tissues and OrgansFixing Flawed Body Parts
How can you mend a broken heart? Or repair a damaged liver, kidney, or knee? NIH-funded scientists are exploring innovative ways to fix faulty organs and tissues or even grow new ones. This type of research is called tissue engineering. Exciting advances continue to emerge in this fast-moving field.

Tissue engineering could allow doctors to repair or replace worn-out tissues and organs with living, working parts. Most important, tissue engineering might help some of the 120,000 people on the waitlist to receive donated kidneys, livers, or other organs.

Doctors have long used tissue-engineered skin to heal severe burns or other injuries. But most tissue engineering methods are still experimental. They’ve been tested only in laboratory dishes and sometimes in animals, but only a few new approaches have been tested in people. Several clinical studies (involving human volunteers) are in the early stages of testing newly developed tissues.

“With this approach, scientists are combining engineering and biology to restore a damaged organ or tissue, whether it’s been damaged by disease or injury or something else,” says Dr. Martha Lundberg, an NIH expert in heart-related tissue engineering.

Some scientists are creating special net-like structures, or scaffolds, in desired shapes and then coaxing cells to grow within them. Some use a mixture of natural substances called growth factors, which direct cells to grow and develop in certain ways.

“Other scientists are using different 3-D bioprinting technologies—some are like fancy inkjet printers—to create new tissues or organs,” Lundberg says. They’ve printed 3-D kidneys and other organs that look like the real thing. But while most of these printed body parts have the right shape, they’re not fully functional.

“Scientists haven’t yet figured out how to print an organ that includes the correct blood vessel patterns, nerve connections, and other components that come together in a mature organ,” Lundberg says. “When creating a new organ, if it can perform the right job and functions, it may not need to look like the real thing.”

Many tissue engineering methods use stem cells, which can be nudged to turn into different cell types. One research team guided human stem cells to become a 3-D structure that can respond to light. The method might one day lead to new therapies for eye disorders. Other stem cell approaches may lead to improved treatment for spinal cord injuries, diabetes, and more.

Another approach, called decellularization, involves removing all the cells from an organ. What’s left behind is a thin, pale framework that contains the organ’s natural structural proteins, including the pathways for tiny blood vessels and nerves. By infusing new cells into this mesh-like matrix, some researchers have successfully created working animal kidneys, livers, hearts, lungs, and other organs.

The decellularization technique was used by Dr. Martin Yarmush and his colleagues to create a functional rat liver that included a network of working blood vessels. Yarmush is a biomedical engineer at Rutgers University and the Massachusetts General Hospital. The engineered livers his team created were kept alive in the laboratory for days and functioned for several hours after transplantation into rats. The researchers are now working to help those transplanted livers survive even longer. They’re also scaling up the methods to create a decellularized human liver that can be repopulated with functional cells.

“A parallel effort we are pursuing involves taking a donated organ that is not considered transplantable for a particular reason, and then using a reconditioning solution and perhaps even stem cells to revitalize the organ so it becomes transplantable,” Yarmush says.

Other researchers are working to repair damaged body parts that are still in the body. At the University of Washington in Seattle, Dr. Charles Murry and colleagues are searching for ways to fix injured hearts. One of their latest studies used human stem cells to repair damaged hearts in monkeys. The stem cells were coaxed to become early-stage heart cells, which were then infused near the heart injury.

The new cells made their way into the damaged heart muscle and organized into muscle fibers in all of the treated monkeys. The infused stem cells replaced nearly half of the damaged heart tissue and began beating in sync with the heart. Still, the scientists note they need years of research before this type of therapy might be tried in people.

Some methods are already being tested in humans. Dr. Martha Murray, a surgeon at Boston Children’s Hospital, is exploring new ways to heal a common knee injury known as a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). Athletes who do a lot of twisting and turning, as in basketball or soccer, are at risk for damaging the ACL.

“Typical treatment today, called ACL reconstruction, works well, and it gets patients back to the playing field at a relatively high rate,” Murray says. But the surgery involves removing a piece of tendon from elsewhere in the body and using that to replace the ACL. “So it involves making 2 injuries that the body has to heal from. And even with this treatment, patients still develop arthritis in the knee 15 to 20 years later,” Murray adds. “We wanted to find a better therapy—something less invasive.”

After testing several biomaterials, Murray’s team found that stitching a bioengineered sponge between the torn ends of an injured ACL allows blood to clot and collect around the damaged ligament. Because blood naturally contains stem cells and growth factors, the blood-soaked sponge acts as a “bridge” that encourages ACL healing. The sponge is made of some of the same proteins normally found in ligaments, and it dissolves after a few weeks.

Studies in large animals showed that the bioengineered sponge was much less likely to lead to arthritis, and it healed ACL injuries as well as standard reconstruction surgery. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently approved human safety testing of the sponge in 10 people with ACL injuries.

Metal, plastic, and other non-biological devices can also replace or enhance malfunctioning body parts. One promising possibility still in development is an artificial kidney that could be implanted in the body and used in place of dialysis to treat end-stage kidney disease. Scientists are also studying a synthetic glue modeled after a natural adhesive that might help to repair tissues in the body. You can learn more about these and other cutting-edge studies at www.nibib.nih.gov/science-education/bionic-man.

The kidney is the most transplanted organ in the U.S., followed by the liver, heart, and lungs. You can protect all of your body’s organs through healthy behaviors:
-Eat a balanced diet.
-Stay physically active.
-Maintain a healthy weight.
-Limit alcohol.
-If you smoke, take steps to quit.
-Take medications only as directed.

Consider signing up as an organ and tissue donor. For information, visit www.organdonor.gov/stateMap.asp.

This article was written by the News in Health Office of Communications and Public Liaison
Editor: Harrison Wein, Ph.D.
Managing Editor: Vicki Contie
Contributors: Vicki Contie, Alan Defibaugh (illustrations), and Craig Fritz.

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Amelia Island Offers Free Night, Any Night Again in 2015

Amelia Island Offers Free Night, Any Night Again in 2015Amelia Island, FL – Amelia Island is continuing to invite travelers to enjoy its popular “Free Night, Any Night” deals throughout 2015. Visitors can choose from 20 participating island accommodators including celebrated bed and breakfast inns, vacation rentals, and family-owned and popular chain hotels, each offering a free night to guests who book a qualifying stay. The year round offer allows visitors to use their free night with their current stay or during a return visit.

The participating accommodators include:

*Third Night Free
Amelia By the Sea
(800) 335-0984

Amelia South Condominiums
(800) 543-0664

AmeliaVacations.com by ERA Fernandina Beach Realty
(800) 741-4011

Beachside Motel
(877) 261-4236

Ketch Courtyard
(904) 261-0677

Oceans of Amelia
(800) 331-7428

Summer Beach Resort
(800) 862-9297

*Fourth Night Free
Amelia Hotel at the Beach
(877) 263-5428

Amelia Island Williams House
(800) 414-9258

Amelia Surf & Racquet Club
(800) 323-2001

Blue Heron Inn
(904) 445-9034

Comfort Suites
(904) 261-0193

Days Inn & Suites
(904) 277-2300

Fairbanks House
(888) 891-9882

Hampton Inn & Suites, Amelia Island
(904) 491-4911

Hampton Inn, Amelia Island at Fernandina Beach
(904) 321-1111

Ketch Courtyard
(904) 261-0677

Residence Inn – Amelia Island
(904) 277-2440

Seaside Amelia Inn
(844) 347-5283

Summer Beach Resort
(800) 862-9297

Additional information is available at www.ameliaisland.com/free.

*All free night deals are based on availability and include restrictions and black out dates. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Prices vary. Please contact individual hotels for more information or to book a room.

About Amelia Island
Northeast Florida’s coastal treasure, Amelia Island is a barrier island rich in colorful history and breath-taking natural beauty. Amelia Island offers long, beautiful beaches, abundant wildlife, and pristine waters. Upscale resorts with world-class spas, championship golf and exclusive dining blend effortlessly with a captivating collection of bed and breakfast inns and historic districts. The island is home to Fernandina Beach, once a vibrant Victorian seaport village, and now a charming downtown district of eclectic shops, attractions and eateries. Forget the everyday getaway; come make memories on Amelia Island. For visitor information and online planning, visit www.ameliaisland.com.

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Amelia Island Offers Year-Long Event Schedule for Entire Family

Amelia Island Offers Year-Long Event Schedule for Entire FamilyAmelia Island, FL – Northeast Florida’s Amelia Island has announced an exciting 2015 calendar of events celebrating the small barrier island’s breathtaking assets, colorful past and arts and entertainment. With festivals and other special events showcasing everything from music and cars to shrimp and barbeque, Amelia Island has something to entertain visitors of all ages and interests. Major annual events scheduled for 2015 include:

Amelia Island Book Festival: February 19-21
The Amelia Island Book Festival features local, bestselling and nationally known authors, book signings, publishers and exhibitors, writer workshops, panel discussions, a Teen Fest and hands-on projects for children in the Kidz Zone. In 2015, the festival will feature a luncheon with Carolyn Curry, author of “Suffer and Grow Strong” and a special event with former NFL player and coach Bill Curry. For more information about each of the events, many of which are free, call 904-624-1665 or visit ameliaislandbookfestival.org.

Amelia Concours Week: March 12-15
Amelia Concours Week includes seven top automotive events, including Bonham’s Auction at the Fernandina Beach Golf Club (March 12), the Gooding & Company Auction (March 13) and Festivals of Speed (March 13-14) at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation, duPont Registry Live Aeroport Reception (March 13) at Fernandina Beach Airport, the RM Auction at The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island (March 14), Cars & Coffee at the Concours (March 14) and the 20th Annual Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance on the greens of the Golf Club of Amelia Island (March 13-15). Visit ameliaconcoursweek.com for more information.

Amelia Island Garden Show: April 18-19
The Amelia Island Garden Show will feature more than 50 vendors with a full assortment of flowers and plants, fruit trees and palms, orchids, herbs, container gardens, native plants, butterfly-friendly plants, shrubs, garden accessories and much more. On-site experts will offer advice about gardening challenges and how to green your home, yard and garden. Guests can also enjoy gourmet foods at the Picnic Bench Dining Court. Visit ameliagarden.com or 904-557-4202 for more details.

Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival: May 1-3
Celebrating its 52nd year, the Shrimp Festival lures thousands of visitors to historic downtown Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island to celebrate all things shrimp. The popular event features free admission, nationally-recognized juried fine arts and crafts show, antiques, live entertainment, kids’ activities, contests, pirates and more. Dozens of food vendors will be serving up the tastiest shrimp you can find, prepared every way possible by local non-profit organizations. For more information, go to shrimpfestival.com.

Wild Amelia Nature Festival: May 15-17
The 2015 Wild Amelia Nature Festival invites residents and visitors to experience the wilder side of Amelia Island. Visitors can enjoy numerous guided eco-tours led by area naturalists and Park Rangers, an EcoExpo featuring nature-based vendors and organizations, nature-based activities for children, a sea turtle release and more. For tickets or additional information, visit wildamelia.com.

Amelia Island Chamber Music Festival: May 9-31
The Amelia Island Chamber Music Festival showcases world-renowned artists performing a variety of music styles in intimate and historic settings on Amelia Island. The 2015 festival line-up will include performances by Eroica Trio, Dover Quartet, pianist Daria Rabotkina, Philip Pan and his Viper Violin, and many other stellar musical artists. For ticket details and additional information, call (904) 261-1779 or visit aicmf.com.

Rendezvous Festival: June 5-13
The first ever Rendezvous International Festival will be held at venues throughout Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island, a nine-day celebration of entertainment, including film, music and gaming. The Festival is named after Evans Rendezvous, an American Beach club that hosted musicians such as Louis Armstrong, James Brown and Ray Charles from the 1930s to 1950s, and the venue for the final day of the festival. Celebrating the area’s proud history and contribution to the entertainment industry, the festival will feature an interactive film expo, presentations, workshops and much more. For additional information and a full schedule, please visit rendezvousfestival.com.

Great Southern Tailgate Classic: August 21-22
The 6th Annual Great Southern Tailgate Classic, held on August 21-22, highlights the spirit and fanfare of American football. Kicking off the football season, this year’s event will take place on Amelia Island’s Main Beach and will focus on the “Art of Tailgating” with great food, music and a kid’s zone. The event also features fun tailgating games, legendary food demonstrations, a watermelon eating contest and much more. Visit greatsoutherntailgateclassic.com for more information.

Amelia Island Jazz Festival: October 8-15
The Amelia Island Jazz Festival will light up the island for the fourteenth consecutive year, with a week-long series of events celebrating the diverse all-American art form of jazz. Under the artistic direction of renowned jazz drummer and bandleader Les DeMerle, the 2015 festival will feature world-class jazz artists in a wide variety of styles, including Contemporary, Bebop, Smooth Jazz, Big Band, Latin, Blues, Dixieland and more. This year’s headliners will be announced soon, joining the all-star cast of past headliners such as David Sanborn, Ramsey Lewis, Spyro Gyra and Mindi Abair. Performances will take place at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation and several other intimate venues around the island. For more information, call (904) 504-4772 or visit ameliaislandjazzfestival.com.

7th Annual Petanque American Open: November 13-15
The international community of Petanque (Pay-tonk) will return to Amelia Island this year for its annual International Petanque Tournament in November. At the downtown marina – surrounded by plenty of cafes, restaurants and shops – more than 120 two-player teams will compete. Founded in France, and with increasing popularity worldwide and especially in the U.S., the tournament had teams from a record 25 states and eight other countries in 2014. For more information, call (904) 491-1190 or visit Petanque-America-Open.net.

Amelia Island – A Southern Elegance Christmas: December 4-13
Celebrate the southern elegance of an Amelia Island Christmas with a full slate of events throughout the holiday season. Marvel at the beauty of Amelia Island’s Bed and Breakfast Inns decorated in their holiday finest (AmeliaIslandInns.com) or celebrate the “Golden Age” of Fernandina Beach and the architecture of beautiful beach homes during the annual Holiday Home Tour. The tour showcases private vintage homes professionally decorated for the holidays and open to the public only for this special occasion (AmeliaHomeTours.com). With tree lightings, giant gingerbread pirate ships, holiday villages, caroling and many other festive happenings, Amelia Island shines bright with holiday spirit each year.

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SearchAmelia Creates a Relay for Life Team

SearchAmelia Creates a Relay for Life TeamWe all know someone whose life has been touched by cancer. This year SearchAmelia.com is fighting cancer through Relay For Life Fernandina Beach/Yulee. (Find us on facebook.)

We have been posting articles and local events on SearchAmelia since 2008 and we hope you will join us by showing your support for our efforts by making a donation to Relay for Life — big or small — toward our fundraising goal.

Relay For Life will be held at Main Beach this year in Fernandina, from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. This year’s theme is Hope Around the World and SearchAmelia has selected Kenya as our country to represent. Because cancer knows no boundries, Kenya also hosts their own Relay for Life events and our booth and its costumes and decorations hope to bring a bit of Kenya to Amelia Island. Other teams are selecting other countries like China, New Zealand and England.

There will be several bands performing, other live entertainment, themed laps, an activities zone for the children and much, much more.

The Relay movement gives everyone an opportunity to come together to honor cancer survivors, remember those lost to the disease, and raise funds.

The American Cancer Society is putting your donation dollars to work now, investing in groundbreaking cancer research and providing free information and services to cancer patients and their caregivers. With your help, we aren’t just fighting one type of cancer we’re fighting for every birthday!

As a volunteer on the committee, I will be putting the exciting details together for a press release to be published next week. But, in the mean time, we ask you to please join our team and make a small donation!

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Shrimp Festival has Food Booth Openings for Nassau Non-profits

Shrimp Festival has Food Booth Openings for Nassau Non-profits Applications are being accepted for additional food booths to set up during the 52nd Annual Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival until February 28, 2015. More food booths are needed in both the Kids Fun Zone and the main area of the Shrimp Festival. To be considered, you must be a non-profit organization within Nassau County, Florida. Many of our food booths make the majority of their annual budgets by being a part of this popular festival, always held the first weekend in May.

Fresh, local shrimp is a staple at the festival and with over 100,000 attendees to be fed, this is an excellent opportunity. The Kids Fun Zone has expanded into a larger area for 2015 and that also means more games, more rides, more entertainment and we are in need of more kid-friendly foods.

The Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival is consistently rated by “Sunshine Artist Magazine” in the top 100 North America best events. The street festival features fine arts and crafts, antiques, live entertainment, Blessing of the shrimp boat fleet, pirate invasions, family friendly contests, a Kids Fun Zone and of course, lots and lots of shrimp!

To be accepted into the Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival, all food booths must be organized, staffed and run by a Nassau County, Florida, non-profit organization. No commercial food vendors are permitted!

To apply for a food booth please forward your non-profit information/certificate/EIN number, contact names and phone numbers, and proposed menu and pricing to foodbooths@shrimpfestival.com.

The dates of the Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival are Friday, May 1, 2015, from 4:00 pm until 10:00 pm; Saturday, May 2nd, from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm; and Sunday May 3rd, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. The Annual Pirates’ Parade will be held on Thursday, April 30, 2015, at 6:00 pm.

For more information visit ShrimpFestival.com.

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Community Emergency Response Team and Storm Spotter Training

Community Emergency Response Team and Storm Spotter TrainingNassau County is creating a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

The CERT Basic Course will be available to those interesed. This is a 24 hour course spread over three days, eight hours per day (Course structure in terms of delivery is subject to change as agreements are underway).

In a perfect world, a couple people from each Basic CERT course would agree to attend the CERT Train-the-trainer Course which is also a 24-hour course. This would allow them to then certify other citizens as CERT members. By this method, the CERT teams can continue to grow as each group certifies their own people in the CERT program.

For example: If someone from the Pirates’ Club attended both courses, they could then return to the Pirates Club and certify other members. This is a great option as it allows for internal coordination and likely provides the students and instructors more flexibility.

Think of CERT as neighbor helping neighbor!

Citizen Corps
By joining the Citizen Corps, members would attend specific training to a level that they can assist at the emergency operations center (EOC) during times of activation in specific positions. This obviously would be a larger time investment for each volunteer, but it is also quite rewarding to be able to staff the EOC when it is activated for an emergency or disaster situation.

Think of Citizen Corps as an emergency operations center force-multiplier.

NWS Storm Spotter Course
This is a two-hour course that is provided by the National Weather Service. Nassau County will host this class at the Nassau County Emergency Operations Center located at 77150 Citizen’s Circle, Yulee, FL 32097. The class is April 14th from 6-8 PM. The county does not have specific minutes on the course. This course is first come first serve because it is a hosted course, not one that is provide by our county. To register, simply RSVP to the email address at the bottom of this article by April 7th if at all possible.

For more information on either class, please contact Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Sean Card at (904) 548-0953 or by email at sacard@nassauso.com.

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2015 Bonhams Amelia Island Auction

2015 Bonhams Amelia Island Auction

Photo by Bonhams Auctions

A new auction house is coming to Amelia Island for the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance, and Bonhams is a recognized name when it comes to fine auctions!

Bonhams Amelia Island Auction will take place on Thursday, March 12, 2015.

Preview Days are Wednesday and Thursday, March 10-11, from 10:00am until 5:00pm.

The auction will be held at the Fernandina Beach Golf Club.

Some auction highlights include Marlene Dietrich’s 1930 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Transformable Phaeton, a 1911 EMF Model 30 Factory Racer, a 1936 Wanderer W25K Roadster, and a 1932 Stutz DV32 Super Bearcat Convertible – just to name a few.

The best source of info for folks is by far the website: Bonhams.com/Amelia. You will find all lot details, descriptions, estimates, pictures and post-sale results are or will be available there.

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Taking Us to the Crossroad

An Avalanche in the Making

An Avalanche in the Making

Life is full of crossroads. In work, education, friendships, religion, love, crossroads are the landmarks that make us move forward or regress. Some of us ‘create’ these crossroads through conscious actions and choices, but many, too many in my opinion, depend on others to take them to a crossroad.

When my good friend Ronnie Stoots in his typical entertaining way shared the story about a Southern preacher complaining about one group of parishioners wanting him to pray them into heaven, while yet others blamed him for experiencing hardships. We had a good laugh when the preacher’s enlightened yet practical conclusion to the dilemma was: I’m taking them to the crossroads and whomever gets to them first may have ’em.

When I read Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman’s statement yesterday in the New York Times that “debt doesn’t matter to a Nation” I had to think about Ronnie’s preacher and smiled, albeit a very bitter sweet smile. If one of the Nation’s “leading” economists, one who has the eager ear of the White House and government, makes a statement like that and gets away with it, I think we are all standing on the crossroad of Poverty and prosperity, ready to be picked up by a vehicle with blinded windows, to be taken to destination anywhere.

Krugman, in his wisdom of guided economies, declares that debt on a micro level as in families and individuals, is bad and leads to poverty, but on a macro level like overall national debt, it doesn’t matter, because as he explains: “We owe it to ourselves.” Krugman must live in a different universe, one that turns national interests into a global collective interest where any debt is just money we owe to ourselves, and does not directly make the economy poorer.

I can not even begin to explain why idiots like him and Dick Cheney, who once declared that “deficits don’t matter either” and then lead us to a war in Iraq, get airtime from the incompetence of most of the media. But if the Western World, and its summit representative America, is going to war to defend a lifestyle that was build on the simple premise that hard work gives a decent life, the world current debt level of $200 trillion (McKinsey Report), $57 trillion of which was created in the aftermath of 2007/8, need only a spark of doubt about the underlying collateral value, to explode into something so much more devastating than the experience of the greater recession in 2008.

Really? $300 million for this?

Really? $300 million for this?

Not in 1.9 million years!

When a substandard Gauguin painting sells for $300 million at one auction and the rust bucket remains of a 1949 Talbot automobile sells for several millions at another auction, we may be getting close to the break line of a currency crisis.

And when people like Krugman think they can elevate economics to a science rather than an observation of human inconsequence in constantly changing blue prints, I get nervous. Especially when they get the platform to express their nonsense as truth to set your life’s compass by.

Oh yes I’m seeing the crossroad approaching in terrifying speed: poverty or prosperity. It may be 2016 election year, or it may not. With Paul Krugman as one of those at the steering wheel however, there is little doubt where we’re heading. He already sold us: lock, stock and barrel. He knows where his exit/extraction point is: at the crossroad directing traffic.

How to Rent Your Property Quickly in a Modern World

How to Rent Your Property Quickly in a Modern WorldThe modern world is characterized with high levels investment in real estate; probably for being the safest, easiest and return assured investment option. This has even been made easier with the growth of real estate industry, which apart from building the own property and selling or renting out, they also seek to connect those who are selling or renting out their property with the consumers.

What this means is that if you’re new in the industry as a property owners and seeks to rent it out, you should warm up a very stiff competition from like-minded individuals and real estate firms. Nevertheless, with these tips below you should be able to rent out your property quickly in a modern world.

How to rent your property quickly in a modern world
• Location: The location of your property plays a big role in determining how fast you find a renter. For instance, if your property is situated somewhere along the street that experience a lot of traffic, you’re bound to receive a lot of calls or visits from interested parties. However, if it’s situated at a dead end, the opposite is true. You’ll be lucky to see a few cars drive every day. The more your property is exposed to people, the better your chances of renting it out quickly.

• Make it attractive: Prepare your property to rent the same way you’d prepare a property to sell in. Renters equally value the same benefits or amenities that buyers seek. Thus, make your rental property inviting. This involves making repairs that you’ve been ignoring, painting the walls, removing unnecessary clutter, thoroughly cleaning the carpets, and ensuring the lawn and flowers are trimmed, and cleaning the balcony and pavements.

Advertise your property: According to various researches, most property buyers start their search online. The same applies for renters. Post the property on community specific websites such as national websites and Craigslist and on the local newspaper’s website. Use social media accounts to market your property. The more people know about your property, the higher your chances of getting a renter quickly.

• Screen potential candidates: Apart from simply finding a renter fast for your property, you’ll want to find a good tenant. To achieve this, you’ll need to check three basic areas: the client’s criminal record, credit history and past tenant behavior. To do this effectively and able to protect your assets, consider hiring a property management firm or, on the other hand, hire an objective third-party to help you with that.

have-an-open-house• Have an open house: Having an open house day will enable potential renters to view your property without the pressure or tension that comes with meeting you individually. Advertise the open day in your local newspapers, local newspapers’ websites and your website. Have your Realtor promote the open house day on his company’s website.

• Set competitive rates: Ultimately, the monthly rent charge will play a huge role in determining how fast you rent out your property. Before deciding on the monthly rent charge, conduct a little research to find out the rent charged on comparable rents within your community. The best way to do this is through the internet. Does your monthly rent include utilities and pool or lawn maintenance? If not, does it include a washer or dryer and kitchen appliances? Put all these factors into consideration, and then set a competitive monthly fee.

• Rent with fairness: Every potential renter that you come across must be treated with utmost respect. In addition, there are laws that protect renters in case they feel the property owner is treating them unfairly. For instance, the Federal Fair Housing Act. It identifies 7 protected classes: sex, religion, race, national origin, ancestry, disability, and familial status. Good relationship with your clients will paint a good picture of you to the other people or community, thereby helping you find a renter quickly.

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How to Rent Your Property Quickly in a Modern World

Welcome to the Machine Era has arrived

The many faces of the machine

Welcome my son, welcome to the machine.
Where have you been? It’s alright we know where you’ve been.

Welcome my son, welcome to the machine.
What did you dream? It’s alright we told you what to dream.

A Wikipedia entry claims that Pink Floyd’s songwriter/bassist Roger Waters wanted to express his disappointment with the music industry when he wrote Welcome to the Machine for the 1975 release of the album “Wish You Were Here”. That is utter crap as a man like Roger Waters has and had much bigger fish to fry than a music industry that lacked a visionary business concept and social consciousness. I know that Waters addressed the empire and the corporation and the system of the world we were making for ourselves…the machine. We’re born, we’re “informed” (some call it education) and then we serve and reproduce and go into massive debt (this guarantees our further servitude) and then we tell our kids “welcome my son…welcome to the machine” and they in turn will do it all over again.

The signs have been there all along and definitely long before Julian Assange’s Wikileak or Edward Snowden came along and made some of us realize the threat was real. Without defining what the threat is, their revelations were only part of the story, and frankly not really the most important part.

The electronic surveillance machine is so much larger than their leaked indiscretions portrayed, including not just government abuses, but also massive commercial abuses. And guess what, the structure of this vile machine is in advanced stages of completion. It is in the stage where it can not only record and register, but it can manipulate and incentivize, it can punish and reward and it can create a world of insinuation that defies legal rights and protections. And that really is always the threat when such power comes into the possession of the wrong people. Discussions about the Constitution or Amendments thereof are declared unimportant in the name of public safety and protection.

Unfortunately it becomes a one-sided discussion if the machine is in the hands of the self imposed overlords. In return for their protection, you will eat the food they describe, drink the beverage they dictate, visit the doctors they favor, swallow the pills they prescribe, drive the cars they manufacture and accept the Hollywood dream as real.
Case in point maybe last weekend’s record breaking release of the movie American Sniper.
But before going into some more detail, here is a small memory lift that encapsulates the essence of the new surveillance machine to play in the background while reading on. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbifrXX2Ltw):

I’m a huge Pink Floyd fan, and I think they nailed this one in 1975 – 40 years ago on the album “Wish You Were Here”. There are two primary functions of this machine: full-life surveillance (“We know where you’ve been”) and persistent, deep manipulation (“We told you what to dream”). I could help but think about this last one, when I learned that the movie “American Sniper” broke all kind of records at the box office, while an internet related warning like “Blackhat” bombed sorely.

I increasingly think that it’s pathetic of me, trying to warn you that this machine of horror has already been built and that we are sitting right in the middle of it. I often think of hanging it up, as the general population’s interpretation of horror is apparently quite different from mine. And yes I’ve tried to put my head in the sand and abstain from writing, but then I think of the observation that contrary to popular belief, ostriches do not bury their heads in sand to avoid danger; only humans do that.

Yes, I know this is something many people don’t want to hear. Far too many are like the ones who complained to the prophet Isaiah, telling him, “Speak unto us smooth things.” But some things are not smooth… yet they’re true anyway.

And so here is the story once again Why Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more MUST Sell You and not always to the highest bidder.

Facebook—and all the other big, ‘free’ services—are selling your minds, thoughts, emotions, opinions and lives just like a butcher sells meat. And please understand: In our materialistic system, they have no choice. Not if they want to keep their quarterly numbers positive. Now also understand that I have no ideological problem with materialism. Capitalism which breeds materialism, has moved our civilization more forward in recent history, than in thousands of years previously. It is greed that creates the problem.

Think about this: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram and the likes don’t charge a penny to you for their platform use. So if you’re a Facebook user, you are not its customer. Someone pays Facebook; those revenues come from somewhere, but they don’t come from you.
So if you’re neither the company nor the customer, then what are you?
Yep, that’s right—you’re the product. Facebook, Google, and their ilk are selling you to their customers.
And please understand that the free model gives these companies no choice at all. Their users won’t pay, and they have to make money somehow.

“That’s okay; a few ads won’t kill me.”

Facebook’s gross revenue is estimated at more than $1 billion per month. Google’s is approaching $4 billion per month. You don’t really think they get all that income by selling lame ads for tooth paste and concert tickets? These companies are selling you in far more sophisticated ways than that.
Back in 2009 Google’s boss bragged that “We know where you’ll be Tuesday morning,” and you can be very, very sure that they’ve been selling such information for the past five years and rest assured, they’re a lot better at it now.
Three years ago Facebook ran an experiment on 689,000 of its users, to see if it could alter their moods by altering the headlines they saw? The experiment was a resounding success?
They found out that it could alter people’s moods, making them happier or sadder as it wished. And Facebook found something else: those users would transfer those moods to their friends in a cascading effect. Do you really think Facebook hasn’t done anything with that information in the meanwhile? Do you really think Google hasn’t?

Turning up the heat a bit, both of these outfits are in bed with all branches of the feds, headhunters, recruiting companies and yes Facebook’s infamous experiment was partly financed by the US Army. Google is deeply intermingled with the US State Department (as well as other agencies). If you’re curious about this, read Julian Assange’s new book on the subject.

You Want Proof?

Step into Google’s shoes for a minute. Auctioning off little ads would never bring in billions per month; you’d have to find better ways of supercharging your ad revenue. This is what they do?
First, they tell their advertisers they can get ads and other actionable information to people the moment they expressed the first interest in their product. Seems like a perfectly sound move, but that moment came, was monetized, and went more than 10 years ago. So new ideas are needed to juice the quarterly reports.

Now what would you do in their shoes?

Guess what?! You learn how to implant desires in your users. And if you want to do it well, you do it in ways that are specific to each individual. After all, what works to manipulate me may be completely ineffective for you.
And that’s where we are now at this stage of the game. And when I say that these companies fulfill Pink Floyd’s lyric of “We told you what to dream,” I don’t mean that they tried to make everyone dream the same thing; I mean that they got your friend to dream things that will squeeze money out of her life… and that they’ll make you dream different things, things designed to squeeze money out of your life. They can distinguish, read profile, an adventurer from a homebody and create pertinent campaigns. Your profile says you’re a conservative, you’re targeted with ads about guns and conservative value products and opinions. Democrats get an entirely different scope of products and services.

Here’s how to prove this: Take your laptop to a friend’s house, or take your spouse’s computer i your own house. Both of you log in to YouTube, or Facebook, or Google. Notice how you’ll both see different screens. And that means that you’re getting customized environments and that’s already going on for more than 5 years.
So if you were Facebook or Google, why would you give people customized environments? Shall we really pretend that Google, Facebook, and the others are doing this as a public service?
Of course not; the purpose of everything they do is to generate more revenue. In other words, they’re manipulating you for their profit. That’s the only way they can make money from you. That’s why you’re not charged for an account. YOU ARE THE PRODUCT THEY SELL.

Facebook experienced an outage the other night that shut down Facebook and its Instagram photo-sharing service for about an hour. The company said that a change it made in its configuration systems caused the problem, while all the self proclaimed media experts went on record to state that Facebook’s real issue is to make more money. The release of2014 and 4th Quarter earnings of the social media giant saw a drop in earnings
However with almost a quarter of the world population subscribing to its service, I’ll leave you to understand where this is likely to go, and if you’re going along. Competitive pressures from other niche market provider may force FB to redirect or split its audience into multiple sub services, but don’t count on it to go away. Knowing the habits, preferences and whereabouts of more than 1.5 billion people and being able to manipulate their decision making processes, is way too much power to go away easily.

21st St. Mary’s Mardi Gras Festival, Parade and Chili Cook-Off

21st St. Mary's Mardi Gras Festival, Parade and Chili Cook-OffSt. Mary’s, GA – It is time for the 21st Annual Mardi Gras Festival! The 2015 Valentine’s Day (February 14, 2015) event in St. Mary’s, Georgia, will follow a “Love Stories” theme that will enhance the parade floats and costumes which are the highlight of the day. Coastal Georgia is rich in tradition and downtown St. Marys’ annual Mardi Gras Festival is a favorite for locals and tourists. The festival features all family friendly activities from 9am to 5pm and includes the 10am parade and over one hundred vendors offering arts, crafts, food and activities. Some favorite past activities have been the zip line and the mechanical bull. The center stage will be active with entertainment throughout the afternoon and the St. Marys Waterfront Park will host the 11am-2pm Great Camden County Chili Cook-Off benefit and the 1pm costumed pet-parade benefit.

Kelly Davis, a St. Marys Downtown Merchants Association member and long-time festival organizer, stated, “The 2015 Mardi Gras Festival has, again, been selected as a Southeast Tourism Society Top 20 Event. It promises to be a great day of food and fun and is a day that positively benefits the economy in St. Marys.”

Mardi Gras would not be complete without a formal ball and the traditional announcement of the new 2015 King and Queen. This Monarch of Merriment and Queen of the Carnival will hold court by representing the St. Marys Mardi Gras Festival at various area events and functions over the coming year. The privilege of being selected as royalty occurs by being the person who finds the trinkets in their dessert. Another honor announced during the evening is the Rosie Kelley Community Service award winner. The accolade recognizes outstanding community service to St. Marys. Ball tickets are $35 per person and include dinner and entertainment with a 6:30pm start time. Attire is a “Love Stories” themed costume or formal wear and tickets can be purchased with cash or check at Once Upon A Bookseller or the St. Marys Welcome Center. The ball location is Chaser’s at J’s British Pub and prizes will be awarded for various costume categories.

During the Mardi Gras celebration you can also ride the rails on the “Wild West Steam Express.” This frontier experience will feature an authentic steam locomotive that will pull you into an unforgettable Wild West adventure complete with a shoot-out showdown. The train will depart from the Theatre by the Trax, 1000 Osborne Street at noon, 2pm and 4pm and tickets must be purchased in advance at www.stmarysrailroad.com, or by calling 912-200-5235. The train will also run on February 15, 21 & 22.

For Parade participation or Vendor/Sponsor information contact Once Upon A Bookseller at stmarysdma@gmail.com or 912-882-7350. For any additional information contact the St. Marys Welcome Center at VisitStMarys.com or call 912-882-4000

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Dominos on Amelia Island Did NOT Close

Dominos on Amelia Island Did NOT CloseDominos on Amelia Island did not close. In fact, the owner of the Yulee location purchased the Fernandina Beach store and it was not closed for a single day.

When the ten-year contract on the Fernandina Beach Dominos expired, the owner decided not to renew the franchise agreement. The corporate offices of Dominos worked with Dave and Paula Crow, the new owners, expediting the process so the restaurant could remain open.

Dave is a hands-on owner and has owned a variety of pizza parlors within the chain over the past 20 years.

His store in Yulee employs about 20, and the Fernandina store employs about ten, but they are hiring drivers and help for inside the store.

In addition to pizza, Dominos also offers oven baked sandwiches, pasta, and wings. (Editor’s note: “If you like spicy, then try the mango-habanera wings… yummy!”)

Dominos is always offering specials, but the “Grand Opening” carry-out special is for a large, three-topping pizza for only $7.99. This special is usually offered only on Mondays thru Fridays.

About half their business is carry out, and the other half is delivery.

Dave invites you to come by and check out his new store, and we always encourage supporting businesses that are owned locally and hire our neighbors!

To learn about their most recent specials, give ’em a call at (904) 277-2200.

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