Tourism News

Knoxville’s World Fair and some AIP Nostalgia

The traveler to this first World’s Fair in the Southeast should anticipate that the extravaganza could well cost a family of four more than $100 a day in addition to food and lodging.

Disney Dream

The third and largest ship in the Disney Cruise Line is set to launch on her maiden voyage January 26, 2011.

This Thing Called Amendment 4

Carl Hiaasen wrote hilarious books with an undertone that begged for Florida preservation. Is Amendment 4 really going to do that?

Nakations are coming to US Beaches

Even though 1 out of 2 Americans these days claims to be in favor of nude beaches and nakations, we venture to say that we’re still a generation away from actual implementation.

US Virgin Islands suffer a Crime Spree Hurricane

Last Monday’s random killing of a young cruiseship tourist near Coral World in the Virgin Island of St.Thomas is just one more casualty in a decades long history of neglect in search for a sustaining economy.