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Vacation Deals by Elderhostel

I was browsing the front page of America Online (AOL) last night and a headline caught my eye. It said, ‚ÄúVacations Just for Boomers”

Is Amelia Island Interested in Attracting Family Vacations?

What disturbs me is that Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach is not even mentioned in what this influential family travel Web site calls the First Coast destination. Ponte Vedra yes, St. Augustine obviously, but no Amelia Island or Fernandina Beach.

Amelia Island Florida Shrimp Boat Charters

Fernandina, in my opinion should be noted for it’s right to the brand of the birth place of the modern shrimping industry. Always keeping the focus on the shrimping industry and what we can offer.

Free Ticket to Walt Disney World

The Magic Kingdom covers 107 acres with themed “lands” and plenty of rides and attractions including Cinderella’s castle.

Party with the Pretty People

The 50 and 51 floors above the Las Vegas Strip at the Rio Hotel and Casino is the Voodoo Lounge. This is the Place to be and be seen in Las Vegas.

An Amelia Island Vacation is the New Destination

With so many people paying attention to their dollars, destinations within a four to six hour drive are becoming extremely popular. Amelia Island, Florida is a perfect destination for residents of Tampa, Tallahassee, Orlando and Daytona, Florida. People living in…
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I Live in Paradise

I had to run some errands Saturday afternoon, one of which included the weekly trip to the supermarket. Yes I do the grocery shopping in our house, since I do most of the cooking. Anyway, I noticed that the parking…
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A Tear of Happiness

I happened to be a bystander at a beautiful wedding this weekend, May 24th. Search Amelia was asked to film some of it and I got to tag along. The couple just happened to have met some of our famous…
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Tourism Industry has the Flu

Hotels, resorts, cruise lines and other businesses in the transportation industry are already suffering huge losses in Florida and they have just been hit again with the Swine Flu headlines!

Amelia Hotel at the Beach

For families, business travelers, weddings or corporate events you will find restaurants and shopping within walking distance.

Indiana Winter Poem

It’s winter in Indiana, and the gentle breezes blow, seventy miles an hour at twenty-five below. Oh, how I love Indiana, when the snow’s up to your butt, You take a breath of winter, and your nose gets frozen shut….
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Fishing for Keepers After Tropical Storm Fay

As tropical Fay crept along the east coast of Florida she built incredibly high surf and brought with her torrential rains of up to 35″ in some areas of Florida. Fay is Florida’s first bout with a tropical storm for…
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A Family Outing by Boat to Cumberland Island

A Family Outing by Boat to Cumberland Island Submitted by: Jamie Deonas From the North end boat ramp you can see the white sandy beaches of Cumberland Island, the first barrier island in Georgia. A truly undisturbed beach that is…
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