Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia weather focusing on Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach.

The 1926 Miami Hurricane

The 1926 Miami Hurricane is even in today’s dollars the costliest natural disaster in US history with $157 billion in damages.

Tsunami Awareness [Video]

Tsunami warning test messages for the Atlantic coasts first began broadcasting over radio and television in April 2009.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

As Floridians, we are not accustomed to such cool temperatures and unless you are a fairly recent transplant, your closet is more likely to be filled with flip-flops and tank-tops than down jackets and scarves!

Hurricane Supply Kit

This is an extended weekend for most of us and our community encourages Nassau County citizens and business owners to continue replenishing your hurricane supply kit and updating disaster plans. Keep in mind the essential items such as: • Flashlights…
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