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Comedian Amy Beckham Takes on Christmas in this Brief Video

Comedian Amy Beckham gives a group of friends sitting around a camp fire her humorous take on Christmas – Christmas carols, christmas traffic and more.

Amy’s comedy is energetic and lighthearted with subject matters ranging from marriage to children to diets. As an optometrist, wife, and mother, Amy is provided with an endless supply of comic material.

Farmers Market Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe [Video]

Farmers Market Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe Your local, Fernandina Beach Market Place farmers’ market has been taste-testing incredible recipes using ingredients sold by the vendors on N. 7th Street.

This week we fired up the family grill and made Grilled Cheese Sandwiches using fresh, organic sourdough bread from Alex’s Bakery Ribault. Then we added pimento cheese spread from Lulu’s at the Thompson House, and then topped the sandwiches with either sweet pickle relish or a tasty pear relish made by Jane from King’s Kountry Produce.

These sandwiches were delicious!

To complete the meal, we also grilled Vegetarian Shish Kabobs and served them up alongside some tangy, homemade Cole slaw, but I’m saving those recipes for another day.

All of of the meal was produced from fresh and delicious ingredients found at the dowtown farmers’ market on Amelia Island, Florida.

1 Loaf of fresh, sourdough bread from Bakery Ribault
1 Tub of plain (or spicy) pimento cheese spread from Lulu’s at the Thompson House
1 Jar of sweet pickle relish (or pear relish) from King’s Kountry Produce
1 Tablespoon butter per sandwich

Fire up your grill on low, with a medium flame.
Slice the bread to 3/4 or one inch pieces and cut in half if needed for a smaller sandwich.
Butter the outside of each piece of bread.
Spread pimento cheese and relish on the unbutter side of the bread.
Assemble the sandwich with buttered sides on the outside and place on the grill.
Carefully, turn entire sandwich over when bread is toasty and cheese begins to melt.
Sandwiches are ready when the 2nd side is toasted, too.

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Political Meet and Greet at Second Amendment Outfitters [Video]

Political Meet and Greet at Second Amendment OutfittersSecond Amendment Outfitters recently hosted a political Meet and Greet for some of Nassau County’s candidates.

With free shooting, a DJ, free BBQ and drinks, a nice crowd showed up. SearchAmelia was there and caught up with Chris Hartley, a candidate for Nassau County Sheriff; Ronnie Stoots, candidate for County Commissioner District 3; and John Pulice, candidate for a seat on the Nassau County School Board.

Other candidates were there and we offered them the opportunity to speak on camera, but they said they had no idea what to say.

If you’d care to take time to watch the video found here, I assure you it is short and lasts less than two minutes. (Who says all politicians are long winded?)

Remember to vote on August 14, 2012!

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Let’s Move Video Challenge Winner Announced

Let's Move Video Challenge Winner AnnouncedWashington D.C. – First Lady Michelle Obama announced the winners of the Let’s Move! Communities on the Move video challenge, which invited faith and community leaders to share their stories about their efforts to promote wellness and solve the problem of childhood obesity in their communities.

Mrs. Obama launched the challenge during the celebration of the second anniversary of Let’s Move! at an event at Northland, A Church Distributed in Longwood, Florida. The First Lady encouraged participating organizations to create videos that showcased programs related to Let’s Move Faith and Communities that were creative, effective, sustainable, replicable and inspirational. Videos focused on at least one Let’s Move Faith and Communities focus area, including efforts to promote physical activity, access to healthy, affordable food for children and healthy eating using MyPlate, the federal government’s new food icon.

My Plate 2012Communities across the country responded enthusiastically to the challenge, submitting videos that represented a broad range of programs, strategies and age groups, from toddlers to teenagers, with submissions from 21 states. A panel of judges from Let’s Move!, USDA and HHS chose one winner and several Honorable Mentions. The Popular Choice Award was given to the eligible video with the most votes online. All the winners will be invited to the White House and will meet First Lady Michelle Obama at a date to be announced.

“With lots of creativity and a great sense of fun, these congregations and organizations have shown us the inspiring work being done across the country to help our children lead healthier lives,” said First Lady Michelle Obama. “Everyone wants to see our nation become healthier, and these contest winners have shown us that by taking steps big or small, each of us can play a role in solving the problem of childhood obesity. I hope more people are inspired by these organizations to work together for our children’s health.”

The winner of the Let’s Move! Communities on the Move video challenge:

First Prize was taken by Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in Eatonville, Forida.

Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church of Eatonville, Florida has devised a multigenerational approach to motivate families and communities to take an active role in striving for good health and living life to the fullest. Youth health programs at Macedonia put an emphasis on obesity prevention through physical activity, nutrition education, gardening and group motivation. The Macedonia on the Move video shows their “Fit With Faith” weekly exercise program, Zumba classes and Fitness Boot Camps that infuse some friendly competition into physical activity. The church has partnered with several community organizations and has parents and church leaders serving as role models by engaging in activities that promote health and wellness.

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Proof Your Tax Dollars are Wasted

Proof Your Tax Dollars are WastedDo you need proof that your tax dollars are being wasted with too many assistance programs? Consider this: If you sign up with the government for assistance with your housing and then the money you receive from a subsidy program is spent on going out and partying, is that an abuse of the welfare system?

The following video from the television show, Judge Judy, shows us a college student who has a basic misunderstanding about what his assistance money is to be used for.

I love it when the Judge says she is sending a copy of the tape to Congress.

This link provides a clearer image of the video:

Rumor has it that CBS removed the video from YouTube, but it is still there as you’ll see below.

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Oyster Bay Yacht Club gets Management Facelift

Pooldeck Party at the Oyster Bay Yacht Club

Late last spring, the Oyster Bay Yacht Club across the Amelia River, quietly received an almost complete management facelift, which has since been making positive waves both in the membership and community.

Under the inspired leadership of Yacht Club manager Terrie Sanders, who came from 17 years with the Amelia Island Plantation as meeting planner and conference sales manager, the club is scoring high notes in fun event planning and food and beverage service. With Terrie came Executive Chef and Food and Beverage Manager Shawn Meeks who previously was sous-chef at PLaE (People Laughing and Eating) Restaurant at the Plantation, real estate sales manager Brad Hummel and always entertaining harbourmaster Sean McCarthy. Troubadour McCarthy, who has quite a reputation as a performer in the Jimmy Buffet inspired genre of countrified story telling, has been the Marina’s harbour master since the marina opened several years back, touting the advantages of owning a slip in this modern, well equipped, storm safe anchorage that gives easy access to the open ocean, downtown Fernandina Beach, a quick boat trip to Jacksonville and places south or just a Saturday morning fishing in one of the many Nassau County Marsh coves.

The 7,500 square foot yacht club building offers numerous amenities including ample meeting space for many venues from small family gatherings, corporate events, weddings and more. The main club room is expansive with great fireplace and comfortable seating. High speed Wi-Fi is available throughout the facility. There are meeting areas for private dining or larger events with extensive covered porch verandas at poolside, north and south sides. A full bar and grill is available. There are complete workout facilities as well as locker areas and laundry facilities. Views from poolside are spectacular for waterways and Cumberland Island in the background.

Manager Terrie is promoting the opportunity for locals to join the Yacht Club with social memberships and enjoy the peaceful attraction of this old waterfront plantation community.
With the roads now paved all the way to the Yacht Club, the short nature trek past the meandering bird populations and plentiful foliage is fascinating and enjoyable and with her track record deeply anchored in special events, meeting planning and weddings, it should not come as a surprise that wedding and small convention planners (up to 200 people) are discovering the perfect setting of the club for their special occasions as it witnessed by the increasing numbers of weddings, anniversaries and meetings that are filling the club’s agenda.

The new management quartet has set out to bring fun and activity to Oyster Bay Yacht Club with lots of events, live music and anchored in superb food service.
We recently went to check out the Thrill on the Grill Experience on the Pool Deck as well as the Low Country Boil, much to our pleasure. Food was great, ambiance was informal, lively and friendly, live music was entertaining and we had a great evening.
Both times we were there, there were in excess of 120 diner guests and the outside bar was an oasis of friendly shatter only highlighted by the live music and party atmosphere.

Sean McCarthy’s brother Kevin, a man who knows more about the area’s history than anyone I know, also owns and operates the Amelia River Cruises, which has started to do regular Fernandina Downtown Waterfront to Oyster Bay Yacht Club ferry rides, with occasional live music and party gear lined up. Those who have done the trip, can’t wait for the next one.

Amelia Island native Terrie Sanders and her team feel right at home in their new environment and it shows. The Oyster Bay Harbour, Marina and Yacht Club website keeps members and visitors abreast of the weekly events, opening hours and menus. Check it out.

Nassau County’s Rescue Vehicle Remount Video

Nassau County's Rescue Vehicle Remount VideoBids were received this spring for the remounting of one Nassau County rescue vehicle. The truck needed to be replaced and a remounting of the original unit onto a new chassis would save the county 20 to 40% over the cost of a new ambulance. Custom Truck and Body Works won the bid and SearchAmelia had the opportunity to visit their shop in Woodbury, Georgia, to find out exactly what was going to happen with our community’s truck.

Custom Truck and Body Works specializes in quality emergency vehicle design and construction. Their warehouse is over 50,000 sq. ft. and offers complete in-house services, from fabrication to putting on the last decals, and everything in between. Each step of the production process is completed by a staff of highly trained, skilled and dedicated craftsmen. Quality and adherence to design is strictly monitored so that upon delivery, there are ZERO defects in workmanship.

We were taken on a tour with Antonio, of Custom Works, and he showed us step-by-step the process of remounting a rescue vehicle. Several other vehicles were in a variety of phases of construction including ambulances, fire and rescue vehicles and even law enforcement command units that serve as mobile headquarters when coordinating law enforcement agencies.

Here is the video of our tour. If you would like to check on the progress of the Nassau County unit while it is been reconditioned and remounted to a new chassis, CLICK HERE.

After visiting the shop and seeing the care they put into each vehicle, I feel confident that they will deliver an outstanding vehicle to Nassau County.


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Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers

Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers

Image found at ArlingtonCemetery.mil

Memorial Day is the time to think about the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers. Arlington National Cemetery is the only cemetery in the nation that performs gravesite burials and renders full military honors. In addition, Arlington National Cemetery hosts over 3,000 special ceremonies and wreath ceremonies per year. Visiting dignitaries often come to Arlington to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns before meeting with Washington officials. Arlington is also the host to over 4 million visitors who come each year to pay their respects and explore its rich history.

Arlington, VA – This Memorial Day, visitors to Arlington National Cemetery will have a special way to remember and honor a loved one or a fallen hero thanks to a generous donation of 10,000 long stemmed roses.

The American and Ecuadorian Flower Growers donated the roses for Memorial Day as a way to show their appreciation and gratitude for the sacrifices made by the men and women of the United States Armed Forces.

“This thoughtful donation will aid in enriching our visitors experience on Memorial Day and serve as a tangible symbol to honor and remember those interred at Arlington National Cemetery,” said Kathryn Condon, executive director, Army National Cemeteries Program.

Visitors are encouraged to take two roses – one to place on the grave of a loved one and one to take home in memory of that person.

Roses will be distributed at two locations at Arlington National Cemetery: the Visitors Center located at the entrance and Section 60, one of the burial sections for the fallen heroes of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Tomb Guard Rumors

There are many rumors surrounding those who guard the Tomb of the Unknowns, called Sentinels, such as why they wear wet gloves, how long a shift lasts, whether they are allowed to swear in public and how long they must commit. The Tomb has been guarded 24/7 since 1937 and you can find the answers to all of your questiongs by visiting www.TombGuard.org.

Here is a FOX News interview about the duties of those who guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier:



For the past 40 years, the 3rd U.S. Infantry of the United States Army (The Old Guard) has honored our fallen heros by placing American flags in front of more than 260,000 gravestones and another 7,300 niches at the cemetery’s columbarium for cremated remains. Additionally, 13,500 flags are placed at the Soldier’s and Airmen’s Cemetery. All of this is completed in about three hours just before Memorial Day weekend. Old Guard soldiers spend the weekend at the cemetery to ensure all flags remain at each gravestone. After Memorial Day, the flags are removed before the cemetery opens to the public.

Maybe There is Hope for the Turtles [video]

Turtle Release during Wild Amelia Nature festival 2011

They are the oldest species on Earth today, but their survival is threatened. Judging by the turn out at Main Beach Fernandina Beach Sunday morning for the release of two rehabilitated juvenile green Turtles, there is a glimmer of hope for the turtles.

The “launch pad” for Theo (Theophilus) and Dori(Midori) was packed with watchers and the applause and hurrahs coming from the crowds when staff from the Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island brought them to the ocean’s surf and released them in the surf, was a sign that maybe the message is getting across that these beautiful creatures deserve our help in their fight for survival.

Both Theo and Dori were rescued from Little Talbot Island late last year and treated and rehabilitated by the wonderful work that Dr. Thornton and his staff at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center do.

Fernandina Beach’s Wild Amelia Nature Festival has been recipient of 4 releases in a row during their Annual Festival, which this year almost coincided with World Turtle Day, which happens to be May 23. According to the U.S. Humane Society, turtle day “was initiated in 2000 by the American Tortoise Rescue, a turtle and tortoise rescue organization founded in 1990. The group brings attention to turtle conservation issues and highlights ways each of us can help protect these gentle but jeopardized animals.

According to the American Tortoise Rescue (ATR) website, “World Turtle Day was started to increase respect and knowledge for the world’s oldest creatures, stating that these magnificent animals have been around for about 200 million years, yet they are rapidly disappearing as a result of the exotic food industry, habitat destruction and the cruel pet trade.
“We are seeing smaller turtles coming into the rescue meaning that older adults are disappearing from the wild, and the breeding stock is drastically reduced. It is a very sad time for turtles and tortoises of the world as they are also losing their lives human initiated disasters such as BP’s uncontrolled oil leak off the coast of Louisiana last year.


The U.S. Humane Society suggests 12 Things To Do For Turtles. See how you can help give turtles a break…, start with NEVER EVER eating Turtle Steak, no matter the pressure. Personally it’s one of the things that has turned me off on Key West.

Here on Amelia Island we thankfully have a number of ordinances and organizations in place to do what we can for the turtle and tortoise populations, but still more can be done. One step you may want to consider is taking a membership to the Wild Amelia organization (download this Membership Pdf) , while another much appreciated move is to volunteer for the Amelia Island Sea Turtle Watch. http://www.ameliaislandseaturtlewatch.com/home.html

If you want to know more about what you can do to help the turtles, check out this WhereHaveAllTheTurtlesGone presentation from California Based American Tortoise Rescue.

Young Theo is released back into the Atlantic

Dori outfitted with satellite transmitter for research

Pirate Night at the Jacksonville Suns [Video]

Pirate Night at the Jacksonville Suns Fernandina Pirates Club members invaded the Pirates of the Caribbean Night at the Jacksonville Suns baseball park bringing family fun to a downright affordable evening.

Now, if you have never been to a Suns game the park offers more than hot dogs, beer and baseball. Short entertainment boosts were included during pregame activities and at the bottom of every inning including the Jacksonville Sunbeams, a fly over by the Trauma One helicopter from UF and Shands, and of course… pirates!

Enjoy this video where the Pirates frolic on the field with their wenches, fire their black powder weapons, sword fight and even kidnap the Jacksonville Suns’ mascot, Southpaw!


Farm to Table at the Ritz Carlton Amelia Island

Dessert prepared from Uncle Matt's Organic Citrus

The Farm-to-Table Movement is not exactly brandnew, but when a Brandname like the Ritz Carlton puts its stamp of approval on sustainable dining, than you may safely assume that a fad has turned into a trend.
The farm-to-table trend brings food grown or raised by local and regional farmers, fishermen and cattle raisers to restaurant kitchens for economic and environmental good, without compromising the quality of the dish.

Several weeks ago the executive chef of the Amelia Island Ritz Carlton, Berlin born Thomas Tolxdorff, did just that…put the considerable recognition of the RITZ CARLTON cuisine under the effort. To be fair, chef Tolxdorff, who has been with the Ritz Carlton here on Amelia Island for 10 years, has introduced sustainable cuisine methods ever since he arrived here. The sweeping movement of Farm-to-Table in recent years just now caught up with his philosophy of relationship building with the origins of what you serve your guests.

At a pre-dinner media conference, Chef Tolxdorff introduced four of his sustainable, organic suppliers to media representatives, during which presentation it became clear that the Ritz Carlton has a much wider approach to the term “local” than a local family owned restaurant such as for example 29 South, which grows produce sustainability in its own backyard. Different logistics, constant quality and numbers make it essential for chef Tolxdorff to find the right balance of what can be produced consistently on a local/regional level, combined with personality and quality consciousness of the supplier. Building lasting relationships with his original supply sources is Thomas Tolxdorff’s secret to sustainability and quality.

Any self respecting chef, whether in a luxury resort or  family owned specialty restaurant, wants to know his suppliers rather intimately, in order to feel good about quality, safety, availability and attention of the supplies he or she uses to build into dishes and the supplier needs to be open to accept guidance and suggestions from the Chef in terms of quality and sustainability. An important part of the Farm-to-Table philosophy is the elimination of the middle men.

Farm to Table is an exciting reconciliation of traditional methods, organic methods that were the everyday approach to farming,” said farmer Lee Jones, explaining that until refrigeration and interstate trucking came along, small farming units were the ones supplying area restaurants and supermarkets with wholesome fresh produce.

Obviously a pro on the promotional circuit of Farm to Table, The Chef’s Garden’s amiable owner Lee Jones is proud of what his family has accomplished after going through the calamity of losing their farm to industrialized produce provisioning in the late 1960s. Today he and his family oversee organic growing of some 600 varieties of heirloom and specialty vegetables, micro greens, herbs and edible flowers on their 150 acre farm in Huron, Ohio. The Chef’s Garden is the leading grower of artisanal produce in the United States for the World’s Top Chefs, born from a philosophy of “growing vegetables slowly and gently, in full accordance with nature.

Odessa Florida based Cahaba Clubs specializes in hydroponic growing of Micro Greens, Herbs and vegetables, tiny greens and lettuces and pea shoots. Owner Marvin Wilhite quipped in his introduction that this was only the second time he had ever walked into the front lobby of a Ritz Carlton, the first time was on his wedding night. He began Cahaba hydroponic growing in 1999 and proudly proclaims that even though water is his “secret” for growing organic produce, -nutrient enriched water delivered directly to the roots via micro drip irrigation-, they use less water than typical growers. 10 Acres of environmentally controlled greenhouses deliver a superior quality product, that is harvested daily on a cut to order basis and shipped nationwide. The primary use of Cahaba products is enhancing signature dishes with a unique and flavorful condiment.

Gary Reed is not only a man you can see as the personification of seafood, you also know instantly that in front of you as the real man. No show, no pretense, just a fisherman who began selling his fish out the back of a truck more than 20 years ago. He would drive his catch straight to the Orlando restaurants and filleted the fish right on the truck. There was no way to be fresher than that. Since then Gary’s Seafood Specialties has grown into one of the most respected and trusted fresh seafood suppliers in Florida, where he custom delivers from Key West to Amelia Island out of his Orlando processing facility. Many chefs consider him the go-to-man for seafood from around the world. That Gary is also a business man of caliber can be derived from the fact that several years ago he expanded in exquisite specialty products such as foie gras, pheasant,buffalo, quail and other products he had tasted and sought out in his travels around the globe

Matt McLean, owner of Uncle Matt’s Organic in Clermont Florida, produces organically grown oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, avocados and blue berries. After college and a stint in the juice brokerage business, he got back to his roots of citrus growing in the mid 1990s, followed by a complete dedication of doing this  with organically approved fertilizers such as fish emulsion, compost and seaweed. At first we worked 3 acres in his father’s backyard, but today Uncle Matt’s manages over 1,100 acres of citrus production with some 2,500 converted growers. A delicious desert of 3 citrus based delicacies was the culmination of the dinner magic served by the chef and his staff at Café 4750.

Kudos for Ritz Carlton to push the initiative of Farm to Table further into main stream and special regards to Executive Chef Thomas Tolxdorff for a magnificent dinner.

Easter Humor

Easter HumorMost of my childhood years were spent living in Washington DC. I remember my mother took us into the “city” nearly every weekend to absorb the arts, museums and festivals, including Easter at the White House.

When a friend shared the following short video with me, I couldn’t resist a blast from my past. While this video doesn’t exactly portray my cherished memories of the Easter Egg Roll on the lawn of the White House that followed Sunrise Service, it should put a smile on your face!

I hope you have a blessed holiday!

Happy Easter!


What Playing With Little Balls May Get You

Sights that are thrilling to wake up to

A couple of days ago while filming some local Amelia Island real estate listings I overheard a conversation about the Rise and Fall (and possible rise again) of Golf Great Tiger Woods and as I was filming and taking pictures of real estate, my thoughts went to a little powerpoint I received a couple of days earlier showing one of Tiger’s proud possessions, a Pacific Ocean Mansion in Hawaii.

The presentation was sent to me in commemoration of Tiger’s Fall from Grace about exactly a year ago. Since I have never been much into golf -it just misses speed for me- I never truly realized how much money this kid has made, until I researched his earnings a bit. In what was for most people the catastrophic year 2008, Tiger took an estimated $110 million from tournament winnings and endorsements. His wealth pre divorce was estimated at $1 billion plus. I know some people that had to work long and hard to accomplish that. I also have learned that short of stealing, you have to love what you’re doing if you ever want to get to that income level; that is of course in addition to the god given talent and massive amount of devotion to learning and practicing.
I also found out that what he had to pay his ex ( 100 million I hear), is almost irrelevant when I just look at the little video I put together of his Hawaiian pied-a-terre, which I made of out the powerpoint pictures.

In addition I understand that he has (or had prior to divorce) some 5 other mansions and some condos in California, and his ex Elin seemed to liked to play with real estate possessions around Sweden’s capital of Stockholm, which is probably where she is residing right now in snowstorms. It is safe to assume that depending on the time of year, and the PGA schedule, Tiger could be living in New York, Florida, Hawaii, Dubai, or well, anywhere in the world on his yacht.

I don’t know if it’s jealousy or admiration when I see people like Tiger or Charlie Sheen ( Two and a Half Men) gain enormous wealth by playing or actually being the adorable bad boys in real life. It seems to work well for them.

My apologies to UMG, which holds the rights to this beautiful 1960s song titled “Can’t Find My Way Home” as no tune would do better in my opinion underscoring the video. “Can’t Find My Way Home”, was written by Stevie Winwood and performed by Blind Faith. Couldn’t help myself.

YouTubes Unbridled Opportunity to Make Money

Keenan with 50 cents on Chelsey Handler (Lately)

This week I was introduced to the youTube celebrity of one 15 year old Keenan Cahill who found fame on youTube recently, mimicking songs and raps from his bedroom. I thought the first video I was introduced to was funny, especially because his facial expressions were new to me. Later I learned that Keenan suffers from a rare disease that affects his growth.

Yet after watching 3 or 4 videos however I quickly got bored and when one evening I saw him on Chelsey Lately (Handler)  courtesy of E-online, I got to thinking how little it takes these days to turn the tables on celebrities. This week  Keenan was a guest of Chelsea Handler, on the “Chelsea Lately Show”, where he did a skit with 50 Cent. Keenan lip-synched “Down On Me” with 50 Cent joining in. This video already as over 4 million viewers although it has only been online for three days. Now that is what I call power.

Why? Well I don’t think Keenan Cahill will have the talent to make a  lasting career out of his ability to lipsync (rather sloppily) popular songs in front of a home camera, but I do think that artists and celebrities like Chelsey Handler and 50 Cents, who appears on one of Keenan’s video performances, will quickly grab the spotlight offered by YouTube and the millions of hits these novelty acts generate. Just imagine doing something nutty or interesting on youTube and glorified celebrities will knock on your door offering their “services” in return for massive exposure…. chew on that one Andy Warhol!

In warped essence it is the previously unknown ‘talent’ assisting the established celebrity getting exposed to an even wider audience. Sixties artist Andy Warhol predicted 15 minutes of fame for everyone, but his experience only covered the early 1980 stages of the MTV years. At best he could only vaguely have imagined the exposure power of the Internet, making the world accessible to anyone with a recording device and internet access; once a production is uploaded it may stay on the internet for longer than the 741 weeks (14 years) Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon remained on Billboard 200. Technically it could be that Keenan Cahill will entertain an annually growing global audience 20 or 30 years from now via his YouTube channel.

He should actually try to approach brand advertisers to pay him based on the number of visitors to his videos and if he does it now, he actually may make some money before he becomes “an old shoe”.

As the internet will divert more and more time away from traditional media, the freely available global entertainment offerings on a large number of video channels, will ultimately make the current question of copyrights academical. The signs are on the wall and all around us. Entertainment in all forms is turning mobile. Bedrooms are getting used to the exposure of flatscreen TV and small screen handheld mobiles, all in use at the same time, both for entertainment, communication exchange and business information.

Personally I think this guy doing a similar thing on the classic Gypsy Kings song “Bamboleo” is very entertaining and maybe the next “new” sensation. Let me know what you think. I got this emailed from Europe earlier n the week.

Pétanque Tournament Bigger and Better

Petanque America Open; same spot - more players

They have been coming in by the dozens if not hundreds today.
Petanque Players from Europe, the US and Canada have been flocking into Jacksonville International in anticipation of this weekend’s 2nd Pétanque America Open Tournament here in Fernandina Beach. With the city’s help and support, the courts have been expanded from 40 to 56 official courts, waiting for 112 teams to compete for top honors this year.

Much has changed since Phillipe Boets and TJ Seaton undertook the monster task of organizing an international tournament last year with a handful of volunteers.
Very few people on Amelia Island had ever hear about the French Provençial game of Pétanque, even though support was immediate and widespread.

This year is different. We have a full blown Pétanque Club with 40 to 50 regular players and even more part-timers. In one year time courts have been sprouting up all over the island in private residences, at hotels and restaurants and the city has provided permanent courts at the downtown waterfront were the tournament will take place.

We went by this afternoon to check on the progress and according to Philippe Boets, owner of Petanque America, everything is on schedule to turn out a great event.  The club members function as volunteers and have facilitated the organization of concessions, court construction, sound and power supply and so much more, to such extent that we mostly found players practicing on the courts.

French Liquor Company Ricard sent representation and some promotional tools last year, but shows a very serious promotional set up this year, while even sending down the Ricard Girls during the tournament.

Another first is that a Chicago Indie Film Producer is coming down to film the tournament for a full length movie and a documentary on the game of Pétanque.

Rather than moving 400 people across the island for the various functions and off court events, the organizer this year choose to have Award and much of the official celebrations in the big tent adjacent to the courts, leaving the players and their spouses and friends the option to get around the island and wine and dine at their choice.

The excitement is palpable and the tournament is set to start officially on Saturday morning around 9:30am.
Expect to find a little piece of the French Riviéra at Downtown Fernandina Beach’s waterfront this weekend which the city has proclaimed “Pétanque America Weekend”.

Stay tuned to Search Amelia for daily updates and news.