Cedar Key Pirates in Paradise Announce JennieFest

Traveling across the state of Florida in July? Cedar Key Pirates in Paradise are arranging a special fundraising event on July 16.

JennieFest in Cedar Key, FloridaIf you have plans to travel across the state of Florida in July, the Cedar Key Pirates in Paradise are arranging a special fundraising event to benefit Jennie Pinto on July 16, 2011. Jennie recently had brain surgery and will require an extended period of recovery.

The theme for Jenniefest is “Cedar Key, A small town with a Big heart.” The event will begin at 9:00 AM and last into the evening. Local businesses, organizations, and individuals have enthusiastically been signing up to participate and add their own flair to the event.

There will be a Drummond Bank tent to accept donations to the account set up by the Lion’s Club. A group of local kids will be setting up a lemonade stand. A barber shop quartet and other talent will stroll through town stopping at businesses to share a song. They will donate their tips to the cause. The Pirates will have a rummage sale. One local restaurant will have a Jennie special on the menu and donate a portion of the proceeds. An imaginative local lady has seized upon Jennie’s love of bowling and will have a sidewalk bowing game. The possibilities are endless and only limited by Cedar Key’s collective imaginations.

2000 pink hearts will be distributed to participating businesses along with a receptacle for donations. For a donation of $1.00 or more the donor can sign his or her name or write a special note to Jennie. At the end of the event, they will all be bundled up and delivered to her. Each business or group involved will receive a laminated pink heart with Jennie’s name across the middle with the event theme to designate them as an active participant.

Cedar Key, Florida, really is a small town with a Big heart.

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