Chief of Police to be Arrested

Fernandina Beach Chief of Police to be Arrested!

Chief of Police to be ArrestedMDA is putting the Fernandina Beach Police Chief and many of our community’s up-standing citizens behind bars to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

“Please don’t let them put me behind bars”, Chief Hurley pleaded in an email to his friends.

With so many hoodlums being thrown in the slammer, it will be difficult to decide where to mail my check.

If you want to see these fine folks doing time, the jail will be at the Fernandina Women’s Club located behind the Atlantic Avenue Recreation Center on Amelia Island, on Thursday, February 10th.

Also being thrown in the lock-up to raise money for Jerry’s Kids are:

Sonya Wheeler with Sonya’s Tire and Automotive Center

Lila Keim with Prudential, Chaplain, Williams Realty

Kelley McCrimmon with Elizabeth Point Lodge

and Valerie Shibley of Amelia Liquors.

These and other charitible souls from our community will be calling on us for bail money to help get them out of jail. After a bit of well deserved teasing, go ahead and arm yourself with an ink pen and whip out the check-book – it is for a great cause!


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  1. Publisher

    No worries chief, we’ll come and bring our guitars and we’ll sing the Blues

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