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Captain Jim Wormhoudt has been fishing the waters of Amelia Island for over 26 years making him a legendary fishing authority in Northeast Florida.

Clean Sweep Fishing Charters

For the Best North Florida Freshwater and Offshore Fishing!
Contact Captain Jim Wormhoudt at 904-753-0882 or

Now offering professional rod and reel repair!


Meet Jim Wormhoudt
Captain Jim Wormhoudt has been fishing the waters of Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach, Florida for over 30 years. His experience catching local Kingfish, Cobia, Grouper, Snapper, Shark, Drum and more makes him a legendary fishing authority in Northeast Florida.
Meet Captain Jim Wormhoudt
Grouper Big Kingfish

The Boat

Jim will take you fishing on his 24 foot Everglades. He is USCG Licensed and Insured. Visa and Mastercard are accepted and fishing charters make memorable gifts! Judie Mackie fishing

Freshwater Tidal Creek Fishing

Largemouth Bass – Trout – Redfish – Flouder – Tarpon

Girl with Bass Jetties, Backwater, Offshore – let Captain Jim Wormhoudt suggest the best options to go fishing in and around Amelia Island, anytime of the year!
Justin fishing in NE Florida Bill fishing with Jim Wormhoudt
Debbie goes fishing Brandon fishing aboard the Clean Sweep
Lawrence catching fish Jim catches the Daily Double

Fishing is easy when chartering with Captain Jim and he knows all the best fishing holes in the Amelia Island area. Northeast Florida provides a variety of fishing that lets you keep your line wet all year long.

All bait, tackle, ice and licenses are provided as well as fish cleaning services at the end of your day.

If you are looking for a fishing charter near Amelia Island, give Captain Jim Wormhoudt a call… he’ll “hook” you up aboard the Clean Sweep!

Captain Jim Wormhoudt
(904) 753-0882

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  10. Charles Goodin

    I must say we were really disappointed in this fishing trip. We paid 375.00 for four hours only to catch one fish total between the three of us. I don’t know if this was bad luck or not, but I was telling a couple of friends about it and apparently their trips have went a lot better. They said the charter they used followed behind shrimp boats, which we never did. As for me being able to bond a little with my children on this fishing trip it was awful. Both boys were bored and I was so frustrated by the end of it. I recommend getting a money back guarantee for a least a few fish. As for us probably never again.

  11. Cap't Jim

    Believe me, no one feels worse than I do when the fish don`t bite, but I don’t know of any captains that offer a money back guarantee if the fishing is slow. I do realize that kids do get bored when the fish aren’t cooperating and sometimes even when they are. After our slow fishing trip I repeatedly apologized and offered Charles another trip at a greatly reduced price. I also would refund the entire fee if Charles would honestly say that his family wasn`t provided with a safe, clean, modern fishing boat with a courteous knowledgeable guide, high quality fishing tackle, lively live bait, promptly baited hooks at multiple fishing locations as well as proper licensing and insurance. Charles stated to me as we prepared to head to the dock that it was just their bad luck that fishing was slow and maybe there is some truth to that… because I guided a party on June 29, 2014 to 13 redfish and a party today (July 2, 2014) to 14 redfish. I apologize again to Charles, but I feel that a word to me at the dock about his lack of satisfaction regarding an activity that has few guarantees may have been more prudent than a negative public post.

  12. Charles Goodin

    Capt. Jim, let me start out by saying that I did not post my comment to be mean or negative to you. I was simply stating my opinion of the experience that my kids and myself had. I did not lie about anything nor try to be little you or your fishing charter business. Nor did I complain at all about it being safe, clean, it having a modern fishing boat with a courteous knowledgeable guide, high quality fishing tackle, lively live bait, promptly baited hooks at multiple fishing locations as well as proper licensing and insurance as you stated above. So why would you say if I would have complained about that I would have gotten a refund? The truth is, I don’t want a refund, nor would I take it if it was offered. I paid for a service that day, and it was an awful experience for us. Another truth is, out of our entire vacation it was the only thing we all wish we wouldn’t have done. We caught one fish between the three of us in a four hour time period. That is the purpose of these forums to give feed back so when people read it, they can see that they might end up experiencing the same thing, unlike our phone conversation were it was talked up really good. I’m not mad at you Capt. Jim, I am just disappointed in the fishing trip. I know bad luck is bad luck, it happens. However like I said I spoke with a few friends who do it all the time there, and they couldn’t believe it. That’s where I was told about following behind the shrimp boats. I guess that’s what their charter does that they use, who ever Capt. Allen is. As far as a word to you at the dock, I believe you know in your heart we all three where very disappointed and un-satisfied, not because of the money we spent, but because of the fishing experience. We laughed about it on the way home because my youngest son brought up the fact that we caught three fish the day prior fishing off a local pier and that was free, lol. Point being when you do pay that much for a fishing charter, you would expect a lot more than one fish. Yes you did offer me a reduce price if I would do it again, however myself, I would have offered half of the money back. I wouldn’t have took it if you did, but that’s beside the point here. Again it’s not about the money, it was the awful experience and yes it can happen to anyone reading this if you go on a fishing charter. Capt. Jim was very polite and nice to me and my children, I can’t stress that enough, the fishing was just awful. Respectfully submitted, thank you.

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