Conquer Your Cravings With the New Vapor Diet

Conquer Your Cravings With the New Vapor DietRemember when we all imagined the future held the promise of a pill that could be taken rather than indulging in a tasty and high calorie meal? Apparently, the future has just about arrived. You can now curb your appetite and conquer your cravings with the Vapor Diet. This is a way to indulge your senses with foods and sweets without consuming a single calorie!

The new Vapor Diet activates your sense of smell and taste by taking a simple puff from a battery powered device.

A vapor unit heats up and creates a mist that you can breathe in. Your taste and smell receptors send messages to your brain that you have eaten, and since there are no calories in the vapor, you have satisfied your cravings without actually consuming your favorite foods!

There are over 40 flavors like pizza, blueberry cheesecake, gummy bears and more mean you have a variety of vapor liquids to enjoy whenever you want.

Launched at the end of 2013, the Vapor Diet offers desserts, snacks and other satisfying flavors with zero calories. Just puff the vapor, you don’t even have to inhale.

The diabetic friendly, dairy free, carb free and gluten free diet system starts at about $100.00 online, but with Vape stores popping up on every corner to curb the nicotine habit, how long can it be before we can Vape away our fat?

Now, at $100.00 it is a little pricey for my budget, but if someone wants to sponsor the $100.00 starter kit, I’d be happy to give it an honest try and review!

Another product, Vaportrim comes in 14 flavors, and each stick is sold for $9.95. Each device contains about 50 servings of eight to ten zero-calorie, puffs.

Le Whif claims to be a delicious approach to eating, by just breathing. With Le Whif, you inhale food, like chocolate, into your mouth and taste it, without chewing. It is an experience in flavor without a single calorie. Invented by Harvard Professor David Edwards, in collaboration with students, designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs working in Edwards’ ArtScience Labs centered around Le Laboratoire, in Paris, Le Whif contains hundreds of milligrams of tiny food particles.

Remember the Sensa Sprinkle Diet? It also relied on tricking the receptors in the brain to help those dieting reach their weight loss goals. However, when I took a look at to learn more, here is the message posted on their website: “OPERATIONS FOR SENSA INC. AND SENSA PRODUCTS, LLC HAVE CEASED. Sensa, Inc. and Sensa Products, LLC entered into Assignments for the Benefit of the Creditors under California state law on October 17, 2014. An Assignment for the Benefit of the Creditors is a form of insolvency under state law.”

While looking for the answer to weight loss, it may be best to simply burn more calories than we consume!

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