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  2. Bob Stine

    Guys, We have a recycling/trash problem here on the island. It seems to be a common sense issue to me, I think Search Amelia is the perfect vehicle to fix it.
    Here's the deal as I understand it.
    The “city” (Fernandina) has curbside recycling for residents which is paid for by the city/residents.
    County residents living on the island do not have curbside recycling. If a county resident will make a considerble effort they can take their own recycling to a few locations, one being Yebor Alvarez Park. The county/residents pay for these drop off spots to be serviced.
    I spoke with Todd Duncan, of Keep Nassua Beautiful about how to get recycling for county residents of the island. Apparently the county commisioners have the power to contract with a service company to have curbside pickup.
    What we need is a petition from enough county residence from the island instructing the comissioners to make this happen.
    Of course it's not free, we will each have an assessment, just like city residence have. The county will get a small savings by not paying for these community recycling spots. (which are becoming mini trash dumps)

    If we can get a properly worded petition (with the help of Keep Nassua Beautiful) will Search Amelia circulate it and help collect the names?

    I look forward to your thoughts,

  3. Ameliaprivateeye

    I live in the city limits and am happy with the fact that I have curbside pick up for not only recycling but also yard debris.

  4. publisher_sa

    Of course we will Bob. It's hard enough to keep Paradise Clean, so any reasonable and responsible initiative that supports that goal, we will support wholeheartedly. Thanks for caring.

  5. Susan Siegmund

    The Amelia Island-Fernandina Restoration Foundation posted a notice about the September 9th presentation by Ed McMahon at St. Peters Burns Hall some time ago. I can’t find any mention of it on your website.

  6. Ameliaprivateeye

    Hi Susan,
    The article is scheduled to publish on September 7’s automatic newsfeed, two days prior to the event, “Revitalizing Cities, The Dollars and Cents of Preserving a Community’s Historic Character.”
    Thanks for staying in touch!

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