Within the last few years, Instagram is growing exponentially in the social media platforms. If you are involved with a brand or a company, you must use this visual platform. Now, let us discuss some of the creative tips, which you might have missed!

Tag Pictures To Alert The Popular Accounts: There can be many popular accounts which are influential in nature. If the photos can be tagged with their accounts, they can get an auto update through the section of “photos of you”. They can also be tagged in a comment.

Spread User Content: Try curating the user content and attract your audience. User generated content can really be helpful when you are running in a short of new content. The audience will be interested in sharing details about your company and will feel proud to be a part of your success.

Mobile Editing Tools: In Instagram , various mobile editing tools are available. There are many editing tools that are built-in and some of them can be downloaded. All the photo editing tools with unique filters and styles can mesmerize you with their editing features.

Increase Photo Resolution: None of your audience likes hazy or blurry pictures. So the quality of the pictures must be top notch. The resolution of the photo must be increased. Try to increase the number of posts and provide a great user experience to the users.

Increase The hash Tag Limit: You may look into several accounts within your niche to increase the target audience. Huge numbers of Instagram likes can be obtained if you can increase the hash tag limit successfully. Try not to use the general hash tags and customize the tags as much as possible. You may keep the hash tags hidden within the comments. This will make the hash tags stay hidden and will only appear with the comments.

Direct Messages To Influencers And Audience: Direct messages can be sent to the influencers or the audience to gain trust. If the relationship building process is being carried on positively, you can definitely use the direct messaging features for the influencers and the popular accounts.

Trackable Link: Only in the bio section of the Instagram accounts can you find the clickable link. So never forget to make the most of this feature. You can play around with the content in the bio to check which one is working and which one is not working in this section. You can also place a call to action button by adding “click link in bio”.

Unique Hash Tag: You must create an unique hash tag for your brand. This will help in identifying and distinguishing your brand within the competitors easily. The users will easily find your brand and the relevant content if you are using the unique content.

Maintain Consistency Of Brands: Brand consistency can be maintained when you are using a single filter or a single theme. Similar to a logo, the brands can easily be identified with the help of the Instagram content.
If you possess a physical store, never forget to mention the address in your Instagram account. As soon as you are adding the location, you are promoting the business locally through Instagram. You can also arrange a hash tag contest where the participants can create unique hash tags for your brand. Make sure you are investing on giving away prizes after the contest.

Author Bio: Evans Walsh is a social media expert. In this article he is providing some creative tips for increasing the Instagram likes effectively.