D-Talk Radio with Denise Brown and Danielle Pierre

Stan Cottle, Creator of In Search of Me Café and will be on D-Talk Radio Nov. 8th talking about this exceptional program for teens.

D-Talk Radio with Denise Brown and Danielle PierreStan Cottle is the Creator and Executive Producer of In Search of Me Café and will be on D-Talk Radio Tuesday, November 8th, from 9:00 to 10:00 PM talking about this exceptional program for teens.

In Search of Me Cafe is a place for young people to connect and begin the lifelong process of understanding themselves. This media-rich website combines edutainment content on life skills with a 30-minute-format TV series set in a cybercafé filled with people ranging from 13 to 19 years old. They discuss topics such as bullying, self esteem, body image and much more.

In the Café, there are flat screen monitors on walls and tables,plus mobile devices in hands. Acting as moderator, a barista leads discussions held among the group as they connect to others around the world and explore themes impacting the lives of young people everywhere.

Born San Mateo, California, Danielle Pierre learned early on about the devastating effects of domestic violence. After experiencing a series of tragic events over several years, including the suicide of her father and loss of her sister in 1990 due to a fatal car accident, Danielle eventually discovered that she was not a victim of circumstance and made the decision to adopt a healthy and positive mindset. Today Danielle is a published motivational author and life coach.

Born in Germany and raised in Southern California, Denise Brown led a life remarkable only in its normalcy until June 12, 1994 when her sister, Nicole Brown Simpson, was murdered. If you were to ask Denise to describe herself prior to this tragic event, you would have heard, “I’m just a mom from Laguna Beach.” Brown’s life path dramatically altered, she would now tell you that along with her devotion to her son, Sean, she is also committed to raising awareness against domestic violence – a crime that kills three women every day in the United States.

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