Demonstrating Your Worth
Demonstrating Your Worth
You love your job and are a great employee. You arrive on time every day and get your work done. That should be enough, right? Unfortunately, in today’s world, just showing up is not enough. You must demonstrate your worth and set yourself apart from your co-workers. You may ask yourself how you can possibly do more since there are not enough hours in the day now to get everything done.

To show your employer how valuable you are, it is important to be open, flexible, and take on new tasks. Be willing to raise your hand and volunteer for new projects and tasks.

Becoming a self-starter is another way to cement your value to your company. Do not wait for a job to be assigned to you; anticipate what must be done and do it. If you do not have enough work to do, volunteer to help others in their work. It is up to the employee to take the initiative to move things forward without being told specifically to do so. Employers like to know that an employee can work independently on tasks and communicate the status regularly.

Continuing your education will also increase your value. Never pass up an opportunity to learn something new or explore an area that is of interest to you.

Finally, never be afraid to toot your own horn. Always believe in yourself and have confidence in your own self-worth. For example, when you write an article, circulate it; when you learn something new, let everyone know; if you devise a new system that will increase productivity, make it known; when you achieve a goal, be sure that your employer knows the hard work that went into it.

Use any means available to demonstrate your value and set yourself apart from the pack. The key is to be sure that your actions are well documented and that your employer recognizes your benefit to the company.

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