Designing Stationery and Branding as IdentityIn today’s competitive business world, making clients and consumers aware of a business’ entity and existence remains a priority for all enterprises with many competitors. Using promotional items including give-aways and stationery to promote businesses is an easy way to communicate with customers, suppliers, lenders, and other stakeholders. These promotional materials must be carefully designed and produced to accurately represent a business. Therefore, it is essential to employ specialized people to work on designs and details regarding stationery.

Below are few examples as a point of reference to highlight the utility of stationery items that also serve as promotional give-aways.

Used internally and externally for business communication purposes, envelopes reach various stakeholders and must be well-designed. Having both small and large sizes of envelopes benefits companies in terms of its utility. In essence, envelopes should contain the company’s branding with an address.

Company letterhead is significant in business communications. They serve as all-purpose documents including their use as appointment letters and correspondence with stakeholders among others. While designing a letter-head, companies must keep in mind the professionalism and utility of the letterhead. This means that the proper placement of a company’s logo needs to be accounted for along with the company’s name, address, phone and fax numbers, website, etc. Together, this will ensure enough space for writing, as well as its neatness.

Business Cards
Business cards play a significant part in networking and giving necessary information to contacts. Usually designed to easily carry in wallets, business cards are also designed to keep information simple and eligible.

Pens, keychains, and card-holders
Many businesses decide to use pens, keychains, and card-holders as give-aways to their stakeholders. Their internal and external utility remains undeniable and their design and quality should not be compromised. For instance when selecting to have pens designed, companies must consider the quality of ink as well. Important considerations go a long way and detailing must never be ignored.

Stationery holders
Companies also opt to produce stationery holders with their logo and name. Like other stationery items, stationery holders serve as give-aways to clients and contacts. Their designs range from horizontally shaped mug-like containers to vertically structured trays for placing pens, erasers, rulers, etc.

Notepads and Writing Books
Notepads and writing books are popular stationery items required by businesses. The quantity of pages and paper quality depend on per unit cost of production and is opted for by companies. Employees usually value having notepads and writing books with company branding. Their utility for in and out of office meetings is highly appreciated.

Files and Folders
The production of customized files and folders serve as an important stationery item in many companies. Paper and plastic folders are widely used and their sizes complement A4 and letter-head paper used for hardcopy printing and filing for record-keeping purposes.

In today’s digital and computer-based world, companies may opt to provide USB sticks as give-aways to their clients and stakeholders. For now, this item remains costly and must be carefully examined upon handing out to ensure it is a wise investment.

What everyone needs so as to go through a minimum of eight hours at their desk is several cups of tea and coffee? And yes, you need mugs and you need to have them designed to reflect your brand and business. Mugs serve as wonderful and highly appreciated give-away items. With significant utility, mugs are also known to be a common souvenir that companies offer to their stakeholders.

Table Clocks
Table clocks make for a common souvenir. Owing most often to the high cost of production, these are presented by companies to their valued customers and stakeholders. Many executives appreciate table clocks for their utility and appearance in enhancing their offices.

Summing it up here is that as an entity, the choice of stationery items and give-away items is highly influenced by the amount of money or budget your business is willing to allocate. Regardless of the type of item you opt for as a give-away, it is important to ensure its utility, quality, and appearance. There is clearly no point in spending money on items people do not value or utilize. Moreover, it is important to work with designer and suppliers of items that offer you value for the money you invest in the items.

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