Designing the Annual Kingfish Artwork

Dave Brown is synonymous with Art Design for Fishing Tournaments. Involved in a variety of events, art is his creative outlet.

Tournament of Champions

Tournament of Champions, Click to Enlarge

Dave Brown has been designing the Annual Nassau Sport Fishing Association’s Tournament of Champions Kingfish Tournament logo for the past eight years.

He developed a part-time air brushing business while working with at-risk youth in Nassau county, Florida for 20 years. Designing shirts for charter boats, restaurants and boutiques, he always dreamt of making a living with colors and forms. But without any formal art training Brown wasn’t sure how to make his passion a viable business.

With the encouragement and support of his wife Beverly, and the advent of the personal computer and subsequent graphics software, he began to see a way and his vision of Blowfish Artworks became a reality. Dave devoted an entire year building a screen printing studio, equipping it and learning the tools. Since then the shop has grown and now houses a cutting edge automatic press and complete Darkroom. The addition of PC, digital cameras and graphic tablet to his artistic palette means everything is possible and in a timely manner. These tools have enabled the creative part of the process to flourish. He sees himself as an artist and a craftsman, his business has no employees, and he is a terrible salesman!

The name of his company was not inspired by a term of endearment from his wife. No, Dave has been a sailor his entire life and over time he developed successful methods of trolling under sail. His “blow-boats” came home with fish. To Dave it symbolizes the orchestration necessary to produce as “a one man band”.

Also, as a child growing up on the Jersey shore, the Blowfish was one of the few fish he could always catch. Nobody told him they were poisonous, so they ate them all. “Sometimes,” he says, “I think I look like one.”

Dave Brown is synonymous with Art Design for Fishing Tournaments. His relationship with a variety of annual events is an outlet for his creativity. “There is a strong fountain within me constantly bubbling with ideas, forms and processes. I relish the creative challenge and enjoy evolving the theme year by year.”

Red Raid, By: Dave Brown

Red Raid, By: Dave Brown

When I asked about his passion for nature he said, “To me there is nothing more beautiful than nature. The exquisite shapes, colors and textures occurring naturally in our world are far beyond my ability to create, I can only attempt to recreate.”

Dave’s studio is not a brick and mortar storefront, but if you would like him to make your project a reality, he would be delighted to show off his work and tools. “Bring me your vision and I will make it materialize. Through a process of communication and evolution we will get there.”

“It will take a few days to a week to create the artwork. Invariably I spend more time creating the design than printing it. I won’t print until I hear a ‘Wow!’ on the art.”

Amelia Island Bluewater Shootout

Amelia Island Bluewater Shootout

The more shirts you need printed the less expensive custom artwork becomes. There are no set up charges and no art fee if he is doing the printing. “I design for several major screen printing factories on an art fee basis as they do there own printing. The total is the price of the shirt plus the price of the printing. I like things simple.”

Dave considers it his job to help you get your image out there and while he does not print koozie cups and coffee mugs, he will help you facilitate that, whether it be a web image or coffee cup print, at no charge.

This United States Air Force disabled veteran openly admits to the rewards of having a loving family and fantastic friendships and you have likely seen Dave Brown’s art before. He and Harry, of Last Flight Out, have developed a close, creative relationship. Harry’s marketing skills coupled with Dave’s studio talents have created many gorgeous prints. “Take a look at his inventory!” Dave encouraged.

I understood immediately that Blowfish Artworks is more about passion than about a career when I asked him which of his designs were his favorite and he answered, “I’m pleased to realize that my favorite designs always seem to be my last ones.”

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    I have seen some of Daves other work and all of it is extremely good. He is a very talented artist and I hope to use his services soon!

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