Destination Bird Island

Untouched, Bird Island(That spec of blue is our cooler while unloading the rest of our gear from the boat. Rule of thumb – SAVE THE COOLER FIRST!!!)

Destination, Bird Island
By: Jamie Deonas

If you have boated any length of time in or around Amelia Island then you have more than likely heard talk of a place known as Bird Island. Located at the south end of Amelia Island this moving “sand bar” oasis is sitting in the middle of the Nassau Sound entrance between Little Talbot Island and Amelia Island. Named for the abundance of birds that call Bird Island home, this island is one of the favorite spots for locals for a variety of reasons.

In the summer you will see many boats beached along the shoreline with kids playing at the waters edge, grills smoking and personal water craft, or “jet-skis” playing in the deep part of the channel. Early in the fall many boaters will actually camp for the weekend. With the cooler nights the bugs stay put and try to stay warm leaving you and your guests bug free for the evening. Bird Island also offers spectacular fishing throughout the year. Drum, Trout and Red Bass are the species anglers often target with great results. Drums are plentiful here early in the spring and are fished for by using dead crabs right on the bottom. Trout are in full swing most of the winter months and artificial baits seem to do the best job. For guys who like natural bait try floating a live shrimp near oyster bars and the rocks on the Little Talbot side. Red Bass should be fished for during the summer months. Much like catching bait near Cumberland Sound cast net finger mullet and fish them right on the bottom.

To get to Bird Island go to the south end of Amelia Island. There is a boat ramp located on the Duval County side for those who have trailer able boats. Once you go under the A1A bridge stay in the deepest part of the channel just off the beach of Little Talbot Island. The land to your left (North) is Bird Island. The best beaches are more to the East closer to the Atlantic ocean. Use caution in this area as the shoals and sandbars do move around. Pick yourself out a plot of beach and have some fun.

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