A Doggie Day Care Home Business
A Doggie Day Care Home Business

For those of you that have a pet, this concept will seem less far fetched than those families who don’t. Pets have been a mainstay in the home for as far back as recorded time. To protect, to help with livestock and to fetch animals that have been killed for food, domestic animals have been there as loyal companions and as a tool for these chores. Today’s pet owners are far different than those of the past in more ways than one and subsequently so are the pets themselves.

My family has always had pets that lived both inside our home and in the back yard and I can tell you if you expected anything more from them than a friendly face and lots of wet kisses when you come home from work you would be sadly disappointed. In the defense of our pets, our society has made them that way. They are now non-productive and still we continue to love them even more and spoil them even greater. Today pets receive much of the same as we do as humans and in many cases better treatment then we do.

Choices in gourmet food, feather light beds to sleep in, car seats when traveling, doggie spas and more. How many times have you heard, “They’re part of the family”? The only thing that separates many pets from our children is the fact that they do not walk upright and attend public school (if I was a betting man I would have a few coins placed on the school notion).

So, what does one do when they must go to work or places that don’t allow animals? They hire someone like you to take care of them much like a day care for a child.

The home based business I am proposing is to offer the services of a doggie day care to those owners who don’t like leaving their pets unattended while they are away. This can be done in several different ways. First and probably the easiest is for you to go to the home of the animal you are caring for. There you would spend some time playing with the pet, making sure they are fed and watered and properly cared for while their owner is absent.  This option is the least stressful on the pet and allows you to take care of many animals at one time.  One item to consider here is a car or scooter that gets excellent gas mileage; making multiple trips to each clients home everyday could get pricey if your driving a gas guzzler.

The other option is to house a limited number of animals at your home during these times. This would involve you having ample space in a fenced-in yard and rooms dedicated for this purpose. Either option will work fine, it’s just a matter of what’s best for your situation. If you are a dog walker, you can easily expand your service this way. Advertising your new venture should be done through your local veterinarian and pet stores. Distributing fliers and business cards will get your name out and you can expect leads from your current and past clientele. This is a perfect home based business for someone who loves animals and is in need of additional income.

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