Domestic Violence in Florida Increased 20 Percent in 2011

High profile celebrities are serving on the 15th Anniversary Honorary Committee promoting national awareness of domestic violence.

Domestic Violence in Florida Increased 20 Percent in 2011Article contributed by: Preston Van Dyke

An array of high profile celebrities are serving on the 15th Anniversary Honorary Committee to help promote national awareness of domestic violence.

The cases of domestic violence in Orange County, Florida rose an astonishing 20 percent in 2011 compared to 2009 and 2010. The domestic violence advocate group, Harbor House, has stated that not only have the numbers of domestic violence cases increased, but they have also become far more violent than in years past. Several cases even escalated to the victim being stabbed or shot to death.

Harbor House believes that the rise of domestic violence is due to the state of the economy and unemployment rates. Financial crisis, combined with lack of jobs, can lead someone who is prone to domestic violence to take it even further, resulting in more frequent or even fatal abuse on their victims.

In addition to the higher rate of individual cases, 40 percent of victims in Orange County become more fearful of their abuser, fearing for their lives. Cases of those who were killed due to domestic violence rose by 100 percent, which is a very startling fact in a county that is known for having high rates of domestic violence.

If a person is being abused, the best course of action is to leave their abuser. Even though they may be fearful of leaving, it is shown that those who leave have a 98 percent better chance to survive than staying in the abusive relationship. A person should turn to friends, family or can work out a plan with a victims advocate group to help them safely leave the relationship.

If someone is abusing their loved one, they can get help by seeking counseling. With treatment, many abusers will be able to stop battering their victim and get the help that they need before it is too late.

Harbor House is just one advocate that offers many resources to help a victim out of a domestic violence situation in the central Florida area. This includes counseling, safety plans, as well as housing for victims and children to stay while they escape their abuser. It is important for any victim to have a plan for the safety of themselves and anyone else that they may be responsible for before they become another statistic.

For anyone not in the Central Florida area, there are shelters and groups that will help abuse victims during their time of crisis. These groups can be found online and in the phone book and are there to help anyone who needs to get out of an abusive relationship before it gets worse. Among the many offerings for assistance you the following have proven successful for both awareness and assistance:

Domestic Violence Help Guide – How to get help for domestic violence or domestic abuse between spouses and intimate partners. Includes help for the victim and the abuser, how to report domestic violence or abuse, treatment, intervention, and prevention.

The Mary Kay Foundation – Helps women that are in an abusive relationship and has many good resources.

National Domestic Violence Hotline – creates access by providing 24-hour support through advocacy, safety planning, resources and hope to everyone affected by domestic violence.

Editors note: In Nassau County, Florida please contact Micah’s Place if you need help or would like to help!

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