Drivers Needed for Meals on Wheels

The Good Guys (and girls) are still needed for Meals on Wheels Drivers for West Nassau County.

Drivers Needed for Meals on WheelsNassau County, FL – Remember a long time ago when a good western movie was something you could really sink your teeth into like a thick juicy steak? When you were watching those wonderful old cowboy movies, and something bad was happening, and the suspense was building and building and it was NOT LOOKING GOOD. When you knew you needed a hero…

Then, just in the nick of time the guys in the white hats would appear on the horizon and we sat back a little in our seats, hopeful… and then the hero just took care of the whole nasty situation. What a relief!

Well, we have a situation right here, right now that is not looking good and we need a hero, actually two would even be better. A hero and his best friend would even work. Here’s the plot outline: While our East Nassau Senior Center is fully staffed with Meals on Wheels drivers, MOW drivers are desperately needed for the Hilliard location Council on Aging Office in the west.

Temporary help or recurring help would be most appreciated for this “less than half day” volunteer job that brings nutrition and companionship to our homebound seniors, and their pets. On the Westside of Nassau County there are 75 Meals on Wheels clients and 12 clients who receive Soup Train (a temporary solution to the waiting list on Meals on Wheels). Twenty five of these clients receive Meals on Wheels for their pets, when their food is delivered.

One 95 year old gentleman has an outdoor cat, and another with macular degeneration has 2 cats and one dog—both have children out of town and live alone. They, and others like them, look forward to the weekly visit of their Meals on Wheels driver, who brings the food and also a kind word and a smile. That’s what we need—drivers appearing on the horizon to save the day, just like in the movies, like back in the olden days of the good guy cowboys. It’s the west and we need a hero, and please bring a friend!

It’s a perfect opportunity to connect with someone less fortunate on these hot and smoky days we are all contending with. Hot weather does not diminish hunger! So please think about it—if it’s too hot to golf, or you’re bored of sitting with your buddies at the VFW or other local hang out—it’s a perfect “guy thing” to volunteer in this capacity: you get to enjoy the open road like the cowboys of the past and bring some chow to your fellow man. Not the Pony Express exactly, but kinda like it, maybe. Your dog can ride along. Remember, there were pet stars back then, too.

It could be a couples/date kind of thing for anyone who is retired and looking for a way to give back on a weekday—you could treat yourselves to a lovely breakfast and “get on the road again” like Willie Nelson, delivering meals to a lonely senior, or several seniors on a short route. No need to think back to the nostalgic days of the covered wagons—enjoy your car’s AC blasting that cold air!

Without volunteer drivers these people cannot receive their nutrition, as they are unable to leave their homes to go out and get food. Please call 904-845-3331 and ask for Linda Rodgers if you think you might be able to deliver Meals on Wheels on the west side of Nassau County, once or on a recurring schedule. We know you’re out there, HERO. White hat optional, but suit yourself.

For more information: visit or 37002 Ingham Road in Hilliard, Florida or call (904) 845-3331 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

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