Come sit beside me son!
Come sit beside me son!

With a rapidly aging population the need for driving services for the elderly will soon become a necessity for many, especially in Florida and Arizona and other retirement destinations. We will have to face reality sooner or later that the elderly will become an increasing danger on the road.

We can all imagine that it’s a hard pill to swallow to lose a privilege that you may have had for most of your life, but the elderly are a major cause of accidents.  This statistic has been sharply on the rise as many senior citizens are feeling forced to keep their freedom of driving, due to the fact that there are no other alternatives, especially not when children live farther away.

I observed an elderly gentleman at the post office the other day who with the assistance of a 4-prong cane managed to get to the counter in 7 minutes. I pitied the man, although he probably never cared for my pity. Then I painfully watched him get back to his car. The process of getting in the car took a good 3 minutes. I do not wish this on anybody, but I realize that one day my time will come as well. I’ll have to turn in the keys and the driver’s license and look for different methods of transportation. When that day comes I hope there is a service that I can call to be taken on errands several times a week.

No, I don’t want this to be a Taxi Service. I want to be able to bond with someone I like and who likes me and does not charge by the clock, but by pre-arranged agreement; a person who understands my needs for weekly and monthly travels and can form a bond with me.  My mother, when her time came to turn in the keys, asked a good friend. The woman’s son only worked part time and was delighted to drive my mom around. It was like a Driving Ms. Daisy arrangement and worked very well for both.

There is a satisfying home based business opportunity here for whoever is sociable, friendly and service oriented. Marketing the service is quite personal and requires personality matching and should preferably be done through civic organizations. Reliability, stability and patience are the character traits one should be looking for, and of course a clean driving record.  This is a such a great home based business due to the fact that you could have so many different clients even sharing rides with several at one time when visiting places such as the grocery store or Wal-mart.

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