Drop Your Reins Experience in Yulee on July 11

Successful Closing of Clinic 5

Successful Closing of Clinic 5

A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of seeing a young lady by the name of Danielle Herb perform  horsemanship of very impressive caliber. SearchAmelia was invited to come and film a clinic that 15 year old Danielle gives to primarily ADHD and Autistic children: The central focus being mastering your fears and anxieties through body movements.

Prior to the start of the clinic we interviewed Danielle and her mother Maryanne and learned that Danielle was diagnosed as severe ADHD at age 5 and went on the long and hard road since then to master her fears and illness in a natural way, in her case through interaction with beautiful horses. She proudly called herself the Horse Listener, as she explained how a horse reflects and mirrors human action, gives and takes and ultimately how communication and clarity claim victory.
After years of preparation Danielle started holding clinics for children with similar problems several months ago and soon found that the results were remarkable. The Drop Your Reins Experience was born.

This Saturday SearchAmelia.TV will have another film crew at the scene of the Cheers Ranch in Yulee for the second installment of The Drop Your Reins Experience which will soon be shown as a full hour documentary on Comcast Channel 29 or Digital Cable #264

Parents and Children/Teens Facing Fears and Challenges should pay attention at how¬†The Cheers Ranch of Yulee is offering a special¬†experiential¬†hands on learning “Experience” utilizing Natural Horsemanship. Through fun experiential equine activities, children build upon their natural strengths to enhance communication, problem-solving and social skills and increase self-confidence in a safe, educational and recreational atmosphere.

Parents and children are faced with many challenges today including peer pressure, bullying, poor grades, lack of self esteem, bouncing off the walls and lack of focus to name a few. The clinic will be held this Saturday from 9 am to 12 pm at the beautiful 24-acre campus of Cheers Ranch on 96841 Blackrock Rd., Yulee, FL. Space is limited and offered on a first come basis, the press release states.

Danielle Herb and her mother Marianne St. Clair of Drop Your Reins invite children and parents to gain a new perspective on life and their beliefs about what is possible when confronted with ADHD and Autism.


  1. DanielleHerb

    We would like to thank SearchAmelia.com for producing such a wonderful video showcasing my work.
    My mother (Marianne St. Clair) and I want to invite parents, grandparents, caregivers, mental health workers, social workers, physicians, psychiatrist, business owners, government officials, school officials, clubs, youth leaders, judges, Sheriff Seagraves and his team of law officials including school resource officers, teen court officials, media, and anyone who cares about the future of Amelia Island and Nassau County out on Saturday, July 11 to watch what we are doing to make a difference with the youth and families of your community.

    Come take part. Get involved!

    For Participants who want to work with us the pre registration link is here on our site
    Get signed up before the spots run out.

  2. tommylee

    You're welcome and we do encourage and support youth initiatives that make sense, especially in the field of self development and rising to the occasion that displays a heads-on taking responsibility in shaping the future for anyone, but especially in disadvantaged positions.

    My sincerest admiration goes out to Danielle, having a medical background, how she has grown to overcome her fears and taken her journey into adulthood to become one of the future “leaders” of human dignity.

  3. Shonika Proctor, TeenBizCoach


    As the teen entrepreneur coach of Ms. Danielle Herb, I am thrilled beyond belief for this opportunity.

    Big big thanks to Miss Debbie at Cheers Ranch who graciously hosts the Drop Your Reins Clinics, Mom Marianne who has always been extremely supportive and flexible as Danielle continues to grow and evolve and to SearchAmelia.TV for supporting our youth in every sense of the word.

    Again, we are grateful and honored.

    Shonika Proctor


  4. themoneyqueen

    Danielle, you truly have become my hero! I am so excited to see you are doing your life mission and so young. We all should follow Danielle and “Drop our Reins”

    Nancy Knettell
    The Money Queen
    America's Foremost Business Shyness Expert
    President of the International Association of Solo Entrepreneurs

  5. Johan Ramakers

    Thank you for the Kudos. SearchAmelia.com and .TV will always support the pursuit of excellence and this young lady will go places. So I return the kudos on behalf of SearchAmelia to all those who have helped shaping Danielle to become who she is in the pursuit of her dreams and talents.

  6. erika

    hi daniel i have a horse that we are getting rid of and my dad is getting me a younger horse but ay way you can email me at reekashea@aol.com.

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