One elevator at Eiffel Tower severly damaged,
One elevator at Eiffel Tower severly damaged and out of order

The following message came courtesy of Amelia Island’s Travel Agency and underscores perfectly one of the true reasons why Travel Advisors add substantial value to our travel experience. When I received the message, there was no mention of this major inconvenience to be found anywhere on the Internet, yet the travel advisor could message their clients who had plans to go up the Eiffel Tower to make different plans.

It’s a little like intelligence gathering. Nothing beats eyes and ears on the ground! And in our case of particular news, because Ally at the Desk is leaving for Paris in a couple of weeks.

Only one elevator working at the Eiffel tower

I received this email from our office in France.
I wish you a good afternoon. Florent

On Friday of last week, one of their lifts (elevator) broke down…the problem is a lot more serious than expected and the lift will be undergoing maintenance until May 1st.
So for the rest of March & ALL of April the tower will be working with 1 lift only.
This is even more of an issue as they have already sold thousands of tickets based on the availability of the 2 elevators…

This means:

    – No more pre-booked tickets available
    – No Behind the Scenes Tours either as they do not have access to any tickets either

The clients who already have prepaid tickets can use them BUT there will be up to 2 hours wait to actually get to the lift.
So basically it is going to be a horrendous nightmare even for those with tickets.

The following message is currently on the monument’s website:

A technical incident leads us to operate currently with one single lift.
Therefore, the access waiting time to the monument is likely to be over 2 hours.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.