Electronic Medical Records Beneficial for Healthcare ProvidersIt has been proved beyond doubt that electronic medical records are beneficial in integrating and correlating medical records from various sources and thereafter, transforming data into knowledge. The world of medical care is constantly faced with the challenge of coming up with enhanced patient care, including more effective use of patient clinical records and cost reductions. There is only a single way of overcoming this challenge and that is by creating a superb technology that would allow important patient data and clinical information from diverse sources to be accessed conveniently and shared without any hassle by different organizations, without compromising on information security and patient privacy. Visit http://mesusolutions.com/ for more information.

According to a study conducted in the year 2013, about 89% of critical access hospitals had already initiated maintaining electronic health records. Statistics reveal that about 27% of the hospitals among these had fully electronic records, while 62% of these hospitals had both paper and electronic records. This left a mere 11% of the hospitals that still stored patient data or information solely in paper form.

Erie St. Clair Local Health Integration Network: A Giant Step Forward
In keeping with the times it is believed that the extremely time-consuming and tedious paperwork shuffle of looking for and then sharing important patient information with healthcare workers would soon be given up fully and it would be taken over by an efficient electronic records’ system in all the hospitals that are within Erie St. Clair Local Health Integration Network. This has been dubbed Clinical Connect and it is aimed at giving healthcare providers instantaneous access to important patient history practically on everything from test results to allergies to any recent visit to the emergency department.

Clinical Connect Truly Beneficial
Talking to the press reporters Dr. Kirk Hollohan, The Regional Lead for System’s Implementation, Clinical Connect has the perfect capability of transforming healthcare in the entire province. He further reiterated that with the introduction of Clinical Connect, the patient records and data would get a whole new dimension. This will be able to connect and integrate records across hospitals, cancer centers, primary care providers and CCACs also. This move would help in truly positive patient outcomes, fewer errors and enhanced care.

Hollohan believed that the introduction of Clinical Connect would be especially useful in really critical situations. Hollohan had been associated as an emergency department doctor for one and a half decades and he has realized the need and importance of healthcare integration and migration. According to him, information is an extremely powerful tool in electronic records and there have been times when you had no immediate access to patient data.

Once you have the access there will be a massive change in the scenario. It would transform patient outcomes and save many lives. There would be lesser duplication of tests and no delays as well. Once healthcare officials are equipped with the relevant patient information they would be able to determine the perfect care setting, service provider and treatment plan. Clinical Connect has noticeably improved patient flow. In cases of addictions and mental health it is vital to get patients enrolled as early as possible, into psychosis programs. Clinical Connect aids quick and easy enrollments. It has been noted that all those organizations that are using Clinical Connect have been able to reduce on an average from seven days to one day for getting patients enrolled.

Patient Information Security and Privacy Ensured
Security of electronically stored records is of prime importance. Access to important patient data would be restricted to the individual patient’s closed circle of care that would include everyone from surgeons to social workers. Patients have the ultimate say and they have every right to opt out from sharing data electronically. Patients may alternatively lock out some specific clinical information. Authorities are aware of the fact that access is associated with great responsibility. They insist that there would be strict auditing process to ensure that authorized people alone are able to access the records.

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