Environmentally Conscious Hotels to Support Animal Shelters

If you needed proof how much we love our pets here on Amelia Island, the evidence was clear during last Saturday "Taste of the Blues" event on Main Beach.

Recycle your lines to Animal Shelters

Here is an idea that would work well on animal loving Amelia Island. If you wanted to have proof how much we love our pets here on the island, you could have seen the evidence last Saturday during the Taste of the Blues event on Main Beach. I think I saw every breed of dogs under the sun parading on the festival grounds. Well and since we have many hotels, guesthouses and bed and breakfast’s here, the following idea would work great for all involved. Are you green conscious and animal friendly?

Hotel linens are sometimes either kept for cleaning purposes or recycled, yet the sad reality is that most are thrown away. But a new nonprofit agency says they can mean big savings.
 But how about donating them to local animal shelters.  In England a chap called Scott Chapman is planning to change all this. 
Whether or not there are significant savings involved by donating used linens and towels to animal shelters, it is “big sustainability win” for hotel operators seeking to expand green initiatives.
 It is not unusual for a 500-room hotel to discard up to 1,500 towels per quarter, and Chapman put in the effort to match hotels with the nearest one of 8,200 pre-screened animal shelters through the organization’s online database.

The website also solicits donations of leftover cleaning supplies, hand soap, shampoo and conditioner and used wine corks, newspapers, blankets and even empty toilet paper rolls. 
”By donating used materials, hotels can provide what shelters cannot always afford: soft bedding and towels to dry animals after their baths,” Chapman said.

I think it’s a magnificent recycling idea that someone here on island should pick up on. Do I hear any volunteers?


  1. Scott Chapman

    Thanks for the shout out to HIP for Pets (although being from England sounds Cool) I live in the AZ. All Hoteliers please visit hipforpets.com

    Scott Chapman

  2. Anonymous

    Great idea!! I am going to pass it along to everyone I know on each side of the fence and see what happens!!

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