Auditions for the play, Expecting Isabel, by Lisa Loomer, will be held November 9, 2019, at 2:00 p.m.

Short Plot Intro
In this hilarious and moving show, when Miranda finds herself moderately happily married and about to turn forty, she and her husband decide to have a child. But conceiving a child is not as easy as they think. Striving for the impossible, Miranda has to learn how to love… again.

(Rated R for Strong Adult Language and Content)

Director’s Note
Please note that this cast list is not cast in stone for example the Russian cabbie may be played better by someone other than Sal such as Bob. Ensemble roles will play multiple characters. “Actors with an ease with comedy and a feel for irony capture these characters best.” – Lisa Loomer

Minor role for a 10-year-old may be pre-cast.

Miranda, F 30’s
Lead- Storyteller, jaded New Yorker, WASP, pessimistic, skeptical, who is desperately trying to have a child. Comedic timing and a range from confidence to sarcasm to softness and sensitivity are essential. Good movement a plus.

Nick, M 40’s
Lead- Storyteller, Bronx born Italian-American, artist, eternally optimistic, kind and sensitive.

Yolanda (and others), F 60’s
A. Nick’s mother Italian, woman of strong emotions.
B. Paula lived through the 60’s, bitter.
C. Blousy mom.

Lila (and others) F 60’s
A. Miranda’s mother WASP, a bit vague, tipsy, means well.
B. Judy, a failed actress turned adoption facilitator.
C. Nurse.

Sal (and others) M 60’s
A. Nick’s father Italian, man of few words, opinionated.
B. Richard 40’s a lawyer put upon husband.
C. Dr. Wilde infertility specialist, optimistic, charming, matter of fact.
D. Harvey marriage counselor been there done that, wry.
E. Cabbie Russian gruff.
F. Val gay man trying to adopt.

Dominic (and others) M 30’s
A. Nick’s Italian brother likes to joke around.
B. Gary husband, jock.
C. Eugene gay Val’s partner
D. Sanitation Worker.
E Junkie.
F. Smirking man in Clinic.

Tina (and others) F 20’s
A. sensitive, searching
B. Taylor woman trying to adopt.
C. Heather 18 regular kid, cheerleader 8 months pregnant.
D. Lisa Pregnant exotic dancer sitting on a big load of feelings.
E. Isabel 18 nightmare.
F. Young nurse.

Pat (and others) F 30’s
A. Nick’s Italian sister been around the block but optimistic.
B. Lupe Puerto Rican, proud good mother.
C. Nurse for Dr. John.
D. Adoption group leader.

Bob (and others) M 40’s
A. Miranda’s boss.
B. Clerk,
C. Street person,
D. Waiter,
E. Man at baseball game.

Show Dates in Studio 209
Evening 8 PM: January 10, 11, 16, 17, 18 (2020)
Matinee 2 PM: January 12 (2020)

Stop by the ACT Box Office to check out a script Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, between 11 AM and 1 PM

This play is directed by Gary Morgan; if you have any questions or need to request an earlier audition date, please email the director. (904) 261-6749