Everglades Fishing Boat
Everglades Fishing Boat
Wednesday dawned with the first rain we have experienced in at least 30 days. Not comfortable fishing conditions as a rule, but the rain moved away and gave way to blustery Northeast winds and overcast conditions, a classic autumn Amelia Island fishing scenario.

A change in the weather often will create a feeding frenzy for fish and lots of action for anglers. Wednesday’s crew of four seafood restaurant owners arrived late, but the tide had been extremely high due to strong northeast winds pushing it in, so outgoing water was delayed several hours.

Targeting speckled seatrout, red bass and puppy drum we soaked live shrimp suspended beneath a popping cork and as the tide began to move out a submerged oyster bar adjacent to a grassy point produced several small Trout. As the tide approached the half way point in its outward flow we moved to a grassy shoreline with submerged oyster beds along it and a deteriorating dock with lots of old pilings. I hoped to catch redfish prowling the grassline for crustaceans, mullet etc… as they washed out of the grass with the outgoing tide. My crew was delighted as a steady barrage of strikes erupted from around the pilings and hidden oyster beds. Many redfish between 2 and 6 pounds were released as well as a five pound puppy drum. The light spinning gear spooled with 10 lb. test proved a challenge in negotiating fish from around the dock pilings. A 20 lb flourocarbon leader helped to keep the line from parting as fish run over sharp oysters and crusty dock pilings. We blazed through 100 local live shrimp in less than 3 hours and re-baited in a small creek by castnetting finger mullet and small live shrimp, both staples for a variety of fall inshore species.

Keep an eye on approaching autumn weather changes as cold and warm fronts approach our area as they can boost fishing prospects especially this time of year when inshore and backwater fishing is at its peak.

To get in on the action call me at 904-753-0882 and remember that fishing charters make for unforgettable holiday and birthday presents!

Captain Jim Wormhoudt
CleanSweep Charters
30 years local experience