Farmers Market Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe Your local, Fernandina Beach Market Place farmers’ market has been taste-testing incredible recipes using ingredients sold by the vendors on N. 7th Street.

This week we fired up the family grill and made Grilled Cheese Sandwiches using fresh, organic sourdough bread from Alex’s Bakery Ribault. Then we added pimento cheese spread from Lulu’s at the Thompson House, and then topped the sandwiches with either sweet pickle relish or a tasty pear relish made by Jane from King’s Kountry Produce.

These sandwiches were delicious!

To complete the meal, we also grilled Vegetarian Shish Kabobs and served them up alongside some tangy, homemade Cole slaw, but I’m saving those recipes for another day.

All of of the meal was produced from fresh and delicious ingredients found at the dowtown farmers’ market on Amelia Island, Florida.

1 Loaf of fresh, sourdough bread from Bakery Ribault
1 Tub of plain (or spicy) pimento cheese spread from Lulu’s at the Thompson House
1 Jar of sweet pickle relish (or pear relish) from King’s Kountry Produce
1 Tablespoon butter per sandwich

Fire up your grill on low, with a medium flame.
Slice the bread to 3/4 or one inch pieces and cut in half if needed for a smaller sandwich.
Butter the outside of each piece of bread.
Spread pimento cheese and relish on the unbutter side of the bread.
Assemble the sandwich with buttered sides on the outside and place on the grill.
Carefully, turn entire sandwich over when bread is toasty and cheese begins to melt.
Sandwiches are ready when the 2nd side is toasted, too.

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