Feeling Low, Change your lifestyle

There is no rule that says you have to be happy 24/7 and everyone goes through low days, but the important thing is to not remain sad for long.

Feeling Low, Change your lifestyleThere must have been a time when you, or someone you know, was feeling low or down in the dumps. It could have been because of heartbreak, or maybe because you were unable to achieve your goals, because you could not get that job you had an eye for, or even simply for no apparent reason. You probably felt that you are fighting some kind of a battle, and your days were heavy and pointless. If so, that is perfectly okay. There is no rule that says you have to be happy 24/7 and everyone goes through such zombie days. The important thing, however, is to not remain in that state for long. You have to fight it off and regulate your life rather than shutting off everything and everyone and agonizing over it. Yet that does not mean medication and anti-depressants are the only way out.

Talk it out
Your situation demands that you stop bottling up your feelings and share your problems with someone you trust. A close friend, your sibling or parent, a neighbor maybe? Whomever you are comfortable with. While they may not always have suggestions for you to improve your life, opening up to someone will make you feel better.

Stop pressurizing yourself
We tend to pressurize ourselves, a lot. We are never satisfied with the results we get. Of course, one should be ambitious and aspire greatness, but certainly not to the point of making yourself feel worthless. Sit back, relax, and reflect on your life. Remind yourself of every success you have attained and every good thing you have done. Focus on your achievements, not your failures. Be content with yourself.

Exercising as little as 30 minutes, three times per week can bring about tremendous improvement. It has been proved through some studies that exercising helps people who have mild or moderate depression. The reason exercise is a great way to feel better is that the activity releases “feel good” chemicals in the brain that improve your mood. Besides, you feel better physically as well which, again, means better emotional well being.

Eat well
It is common knowledge that the kind of food you eat makes a difference to your physical health, but the effects are on your emotional well being too. Yet, when people feel depressed they tend to turn to junk foods. Fatty meals and highly processed carbohydrates cause you to feel sluggish while a balanced diet, low in processed carbs,helps improve your mood.

Sleep well
While this may seem to be a chore to you in this condition, it is important to get enough sleep. Lack of sleep makes anyone feel upbeat and extreme sleep deprivation causes depression. But that also does not mean that you sleep away your days.

Performing yoga or meditation helps combat stress. It relaxes you and the results last long after the session.

Meet up with people
Cocooning yourself in your room certainly does not help and that is what people usually do when they feel low. Isolation only worsens it rather than helping with recovery.Get out of your house. Indulge in sociable activities. Meet your family. Plan a casual outing for the coming weekend. While you are at it,ladies, pick out your favorite dress, throw in some make up and accessories and doll up. Looking good will definitely make you feel confident about yourself.

Spend time with animals
While it may seem farfetched to some, animals are therapeutic and really smart. They can sense your depression. Having a pet and spendingtime with them lifts up your spirits. Ever wondered why so many dentists have a fish aquarium at their clinics? It is because simply watching fish lowers blood pressure and muscle tension in those about to undergo oral surgery.

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