Fernandina Beach City Residents Survey is About GarbageThere is a survey for Fernandina Beach residents ONLY regarding the garbage and recycling program that is provided to city residents.

This survey is intended for Fernandina Beach residents ONLY as non-City residents receive a different garbage/recycling program.

The purpose of this survey is to determine YOUR level of satisfaction with the current garbage/recycling program and to assist the City in making future changes.

There are ten questions and city management appreciates you taking the time to answer them. For more information about garbage and recycling collection within the City of Fernandina Beach please go to www.fbfl.us/recycle.

(The questions are pretty much multiple choice:)

1. Do you have garbage pick-up once or twice each week?
2. What best describes your residential property?
3. On AVERAGE, how often do place your existing 95 gallon garbage can at the curb?
4. On AVERAGE, how full is your existing 95 gallon garbage can when you place it at the curb?
5. How satisfied are you with the City’s current garbage collection services?
6. Do you recycle?
7. On your recycle pick-up day, are your recycle bins:
8. How satisfied are you with the City’s recycling collection services?
9. How often do you use the weekly yard waste collection services?
10. Would you be willing to accept once per week (1x/week) garbage pickup IF: (You have a few options on this question.)

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