Fernandina Beach Victimized By Local Newspaper
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This is an informational commentary. I have researched resources that may be beneficial to anyone interested in learning more. I believe our community has been scrutinized, demoralized and victimized by its only source of commercial communication and information. This analysis spurred my desire to research its plausibility.

Our city managers turn over rate, from 1992 to 1998, was three in seven years plus one interim manager. In 1998 our then Mayor requested an analysis report to determine if the turn over in city administration was personal or political.

This report is disturbing. The most offensive finding from this report is on page 13, first paragraph, last sentence.

Even the editors of the local newspaper are focusing on the city manager rather than helping their readers see the entire picture.

The newspaper exploits the weaknesses of the city manager and causes a misguided understanding to our community of the actual role of the city manager.

I wanted to compare some commercial communications’ value/mission statements. These communication companies are similar in size and services and happen to have similar names.

Who’s in charge? What’s the mission? What’s the price?

Community Newspapers, Incorporated
CNI Corporate Office
2365 Prince Ave Suite A
Athens, GA 30606

CNI Mission

“Our Mission is to publish distinguished and profitable community newspapers. Among our overall goals are:

    -To publish newspapers whose focus will be excellence in terms of news and advertising content, reproduction and service.
    -To maximize profits consistent with product quality, but in no case less than required to assure long term growth and our editorial independence.
    -To be fundamentalists in our support of the public’s right to know, and the right of free speech and press.
    -To take a bias in support of the communities we serve: providing aggressive, visionary leadership.

This mission will be accomplished through the teamwork of professionals who are dedicated to truth, integrity, loyalty, quality and hard work. We believe that a community must first know about itself in order to act in its own best interest. We believe that strong newspapers build strong communities — ‘Newspapers get things done!’
Dink NeSmith, President

Another perspective:

The Independent, from Ashland, Kentucky, owned by:

3500 Colonnade Parkway Suite 600
Birmingham, AL 35243

Their mission states:

“Our mission… We are dedicated to providing our communities with a trusted source of useful information and pledge to do whatever it takes to satisfy our customers. Your newspaper… Our commitment.”

“Our community has been and will be a profitable resource for CNI.”

To compare other communication companies and their practices check out the Columbia Journalism Review Resources page titled Who Owns What.

Contributed by: Robin Rafloski-Childers

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