Fernandina Pirates Deliver Christmas GoodiesEach year the Fernandina Pirates Club, Inc. adopts several families over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays in Nassau County providing seasonal cheer that might otherwise be missed in the homes of neighbors in our community.

These Scallywags set club records this year by adopting nine families for Thanksgiving and six for Christmas. The families are found through the Department of Family and Children’s Services C.A.R.R.T. program (Child Advocate Rapid Response Team) and are often the ones who slip through the cracks. That is Program Director Debbie Wormhoudt (on the left in the picture) and me, Public Relations Director and Adopt-a-Family Chair for the Pirates Club the morning of December 21st when we delivered Christmas Cheer disguised as packages, gifts and food.

When we took on adopting families for the Pirates I was insistant that we find an outside agency that can provide us with families that will benefit from our assistance. We don’t want a family that is milking the system, we want families that need a little help; help that we can provide so they can have a joyous holiday without having to skip paying a utility bill.

I have volunteered for many holiday efforts in our community over the past 20 plus years and there is nothing more frustrating than seeing the same families receiving gifts, foods and services from multiple agencies and organizations each year. Even worse is when these parents and caregivers have professionally styled hair and nails and are wearing clothing made more expensive by simply a brand name, yet the children are a wretched mess; emotionally and in appearance.

This year we provided gifts for 17 receipients and an additional two bags worth of groceries and household necessities including items Food Stamps won’t pay for, such as beer and cigarettes (Not really, I just wanted to see if you were paying attention). Additional items included sundries such as laundry detergent, dish soap and toilet tissue.

My daughter has grown up helping me shop every year for these families using wish-lists provided to us by C.A.R.R.T. and after December’s General Membership Meeting, the Pirates stay to wrap all the presents. We toss in bows to the bags of packages and attach tags with only the receipients name, leaving the From blank so the caregivers can fill those out as they wish.

I am very proud to be part of the Fernandina Pirates Club, a non-profit organization that truly reaches out to help others in our community. To learn more about the Pirates visit them online at www.FernandinaPirates.com.

Merry Christmas!

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