Finding Seasonal Employment

Finding Seasonal EmploymentTimes are tough, but even so, many businesses need extra help around the holidays. Seasonal employment can help supplement your income and possibly lead to a full-time, permanent position.

Likely you will need to update your CV or resume. You can find plenty of tips to help you stand out in the job market on the internet, but if you haven’t been in the job market in recent years, you will find much has changed.

Gone are the days of mailing or dropping off a resume and filling out a job application. These are done on-line now, so your cover letter is more important than ever.

Word of mouth is still the best way to get your foot in the door, but if you are job shopping outside the boudaries of friends and relatives, you will need to know a few tips.

For some positions, you will need to know what “keywords” need to be found in your resume to put you closer to the top of the ilst of potential candidates.

These are words that recruiters use as they search applicant’s resumes, and often those “recruiters” are software designed to look for particular words and phrases.

You know your career industry best, so brainstorm your job title and its description to find the best words to include in your particular set of skills.

Include specific names of well-known or applicable machinery, software, techniques and organizations such as Excel, Six Sima, or MRI, for example.

Look at current job opening ads in the paper, on job boards and online to hunt for those elusive keywords.

Don’t Use Your Work Computer to Job Hunt
Today’s employers and HR department heads frown on using their company’s resources for you to find work with someone else; don’t do it. If you do not have home computer access, use a friend’s computer or visit your local Job Source office or library to use a public computer.

Create Multiple Resumes
Create different resumes for different occupations. For example, you may have experience as an Event Coordinator and you also may have experience as an HR Director. You would create your resume to sell that particular set of skills that would qualify you for the job you are applying for. In this example, I would not send my resume to become an Event Coordinator with all of my experience as a Human Resource director highlighted. Instead, I would emphasize my skills used while managing a variety of national consumer trade shows.

People Prefer to hire People Who Have Jobs
This one is tough if you are out of work, but if you are looking for part-time employment to suppliment your income, you have the advantage.

If you have been out of work for quite amount of time, you should be prepared to explain “why” without becoming aggresive or playing the “pity” card… hiring managers have heard it all, so your best bet is to simply be honest.

Non-Compete Forms
It is best not to find a part-time job in a related field. If you are working at one gym full-time as an accounts receivable manager and need to make a few extra dollars, going to work as an accounts receivable manager for a competitive gym is not a wise option.

Looking for Jobs in all the Wrong Places

    -Do not rely on newspaper advertisements and job boards to find work.
    -Tell everyone you know that you are looking for work.
    -Create a facebook page and let people who know your friends, know you are looking for work.
    (Be careful what you put on facebook, but that is an article for another day.)
    -Consider putting a “Work Wanted” ad in the classifieds. You may find enough piece work to start you own company.

Get Serious if You are Serious
Finding a job can be tough. Don’t throw out three resumes and expect three call backs. The market is much tougher than that and there is plenty of competition that may be better skilled than you are. Finding a job takes effort and a lot of work, so be prepared to actually “work” at finding that elusive job.

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