First Day of School

Pirates, Warriors and Hornets will be returning to class on Monday, August 23, as Nassau County students go back to school.

back to school

Back to School

Pirates, Warriors and Hornets will be returning to classes on Monday, August 23, as kids in Nassau County, Florida attend their first day of school for the 2010 – 2011 school year. For those of you who do not have school aged children, let me remind you that there will be more traffic on the roads surrounding the schools in our county in the morning and in the afternoon. When driving, please watch for children who may not be watching for you!

Summer is winding down and hopefully you have prepared your kids over the past week with an earlier bed time, setting the alarm clock and finishing up their summer reading projects.

The first day of school is exciting, but it can also be terrifying to some kids, especially if they are new to the school they will be attending. Remember our school’s faculty has been doing this for years and they are there to help make this day as smooth as possible to get the school year off to a great start! Your children’s teachers are your partner in a better education for our children!

Have a fun day at school and keep in mind this first day of school is an early release day, so the kids will be home early.

School School Begins School Ends Early Release
Bryceville Elementary 7:45 1:30 10:45 AM
Callahan Elementary 8:05 2:05 11:00 AM
Callahan Intermediate 7:45 1:50 10:40 AM
Callahan Middle 9:15 3:15 12:10 PM
Emma Love Hardee 7:40 2:15 11:15 AM
Fernandina Beach High 8:50 2:55 12:20 PM
Fernandina Beach Middle 8:40 2:50 12:10 PM
Hilliard Elementary 7:45 1:55 11:00 AM
Hilliard Middle/Senior 9:15 3:25 12:30 PM
Southside 7:50 2:05 11:00 AM
West Nassau High 9:05 3:25 12:30 PM
Yulee Elementary 8:05 2:10 11:14 AM
Yulee High 9:04 3:31 12:43 PM
Yulee Middle 9:04 3:25 12:35 PM
Yulee Primary 7:45 1:45 11:00 AM
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