Fitness Challenge Week Two

The weight is coming off as the contestants of the Forever Fit Challenge are melting away due to their change in exercise and eating habits.

Fitness Challenge Week Two

Fitness Challenge Week Two

The weight is coming off as the contestants of the Forever Fit Challenge are melting away due to their change in exercise and eating habits. We are on Week Two of this contest that is put on by Club 14 Fitness and the players are motivated and encouraged!

We have been following the progress of SearchAmelia’s own, Alex Watts, as well as a few others who wanted to share their life changing experience with you.

The physical fitness routine has included group work outs and nutrition classes, but while they are on their own – at home, work and school, I wanted to know what changes they have implemented into their daily routine. Dawn told me she has been eating better. She is cooking lobster, veggies, salads and has found a fondness for onions. A confessed butter-aholic, the group is learning that fat is ok to have in your diet as they learn to avoid sugars, dairy and starch. Sometimes it can be confusing. Sweet potatoes are good, regular potatoes are bad. Almonds are good, peanuts are bad. Avocados are good, and carrotts should be used in moderation. She even said she found a recipe for Almond Pancakes made with coconut milk.

Next week we will have video of the class taking a shopping trip to Publix Grocery Store in Fernandina Beach so they can visually see the products and know what to look for on the product labels.

Christina, who finds motivation in her husband and children, has been adding crunches to her home routine to get fit. She is looking forward to going on long bicycle rides, hiking and doing some running with her family and not losing her breath. Looking good in a pair of jeans or a cute dress is keeping her motivated, too. She has changed her eating habits and getting into the gym to work out more is helping. She is most challenged when people offer treats that are not good for her, or when she needs to meet up with others in restaurants.

The mother of the brother and sister team, Gabby and Johnathan, told me that the kids were keeping each other motivated. “What did you eat today?” has become a popular question around the house. The entire family is eating healthier and have designed salads so no dressings are needed. Johnathan is in the ROTC at school and he is also doing sit ups and push ups in his room. When the two weighed in this week it was apparent how well their hard work and commitment is paying off.

Once again, Alex has provided us with this week’s summary of his journal entries. “We just finished week two of the Forever Fit Challenge at Club 14 Fitness and all of the contestants are doing well. Gabby and Jonathan each lost four pounds, Dawn lost a pound, Christina lost two pounds, and I lost seven. Everyone is happy about his or her number because it means that we are losing this unwanted weight. There were no stagnant numbers or weight gains this week: awesome!

Tuesday through Saturday of each week we have a one-hour circuit training class, which Club 14 Fitness provides for free to the participants of the Forever Fit Challenge. Our instructor, Whitney, enjoys torturing us as she makes us do a bunch of different exercises that are designed to work specific parts of our bodies. About 40 contestants are in the Forever Fit Challenge and are not being followed by Usually, a lot of them show up to the circuit training classes, but this week I noticed that our class size kept dwindling. We started with about 15 people showing up. Now about five or six have been showing up at the class. The classes are tough, but not that bad! Those of us that keep showing up, though, are definitely getting the results from all of the hard work. I encourage everyone in the Challenge to come to the circuit training classes. They are well worth it.”

Here is the newest video, Week Two of the Forever Fit Challenge, if you have been following along.

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  1. ameliadude

    Congratulations to all of you!! Keep up the good work and lets see how you do week 3. I am pulling for all of you to win. Even if you dont win the money I am sure, as Rae Lane said, “Everyone Wins”!!!

  2. Judie Mackie


  3. tommylee

    LOL, checking if you wanted to join the fun of getting into Club 14's weight loss Action?

  4. Transient_Analysis

    1, 2, 3, testing, 1, 2, 3…. Is this thing on?

  5. publisher

    Good show Alex. How much is it now? Six first week and seven last week? That's promising. Congrats.

  6. Alex


  7. noeliamackin

    I wish you well on your journey to lose those inches and pound. I know it's not easy but you can do it. Christina good luck on this journey and my prayers are with you daughter of mine. Good luck to the whole crew…God Bless!

  8. noeliamackin

    Christina, keep us up dated on how things are going with your work out. We are praying that everyone has a journey of a great victory. Love you and miss you daughter of mine. Good Luck to everyone. God Bless You All.

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