Fitness Training Courses to Motivate Clients

From walking, hiking and cycling to working out or playing sports, all types of activities can benefit your health if performed properly.

Fitness Training Courses to Motivate ClientsAs a gym manager or a personal trainer, the first things you would need to explain to your client are the advantages of exercise. Weight management is just the beginning, as frequent physical activity reduces the body’s chances of catching a number of diseases, improves the heart rate and generally keeps them healthy. You will need to possess good vocational skills and soft skills too, and the academy where you take your courses should be training you with these. This is one of the things you need to keep in mind while choosing the fitness academy to get your certification.

What’s going wrong?
The main issue with modern life is that it has become sedentary. Most people get there work done faster thanks to technology, and this makes lives easier too, just not necessarily better. People spend too much time glued to their smartphones or slouched up in front of a television or computer screen. Walking is obsolete, thanks to modern transportation; clothes are washed by machines now.

Most chores are done much more easily thanks to new technology, and this makes us all the lazier. We put in much less physical activity than we used to, and now it has begun taking a toll on our health. We are spending over seven hours a day sitting or lying down, and people over 65 years of age spend over ten hours doing the same. This lifestyle is a silent killer as it lets your health deteriorate slowly, and then, suddenly.

How Can We Stop This?
The simple thing you need to tell your client is that daily activity goes a long way in preventing chronic diseases, and keeping you healthy. If they can clock in 150 minutes of exercise a week, whether at a gym or integrated into their lifestyle, there is nothing better for their health. For most of your clients, it will be easiest to adapt their lifestyle by introducing simple physical activity into their schedule.

From walking, hiking and cycling to working out or playing sports, all types of activities can benefit your health if performed properly. This means you have to perform exercises vigorously enough to breathe faster, increase heart rate and feel warmer. This is called moderate intensity, and can be tested by the fact that you can talk properly but not sing a song out loud. The next step is vigorous intensity exercise which brings even better results. A quite simple test of vigorous exercise is that a person will not be able to say more than a few words before gasping for breath.

What Illnesses are averted by Exercise?
Heart Disease: Exercise strengthens heart muscle, improves heart rate and the capability of your heart to pump blood. It also raises high-density lipoprotein (HDL, also called good cholesterol) levels and cuts down on low-density lipoprotein (LDL or bad cholesterol levels). Each of these things is very beneficial to the heart and ensures that Peripheral Vascular Disease, strokes and infractions do not take place.
High Blood Pressure and Diabetes: Thanks to regular physical activity, the blood pressure is kept normal, and reduced for patients with high BP. It also cuts down on extraneous fat which controls high blood pressure and also keeps noninsulin-dependent diabetes in check.
Back Pain and Osteoporosis: Exercise increases muscle strength and flexibility and improves endurance. It helps correcting posture and hence prevents back pain. It also promotes bone formation, thus keeping osteoporosis and arthritis at an arm’s length.
Obesity and Weight Gain: Possibly the most important point here is that exercise keeps a person’s weight in check. It burns any excess calories, and if combined with balanced nutrition, obesity will not be a problem anymore, and neither will any of the pitfalls and risks related to it.
Mental Instability: Exercise has a number of psychological effects alongside the physical ones. It improves your mood, stimulates the pleasure center of the brain, reduces anxiety and depression as well, and also lets one cope with stress.
Disability: Any aerobic exercise is great for muscles and bones and hence keeps disabilities and impairments away in senior citizens.

These are the basic things which you should be learning alongside your usual courses at any academy or college. To know more about a career as a trainer or gym manager, read this recent study by on starting career as a sports nutritionist.

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