FloristryFloristry differs from horticulture in that horticulture involves the growing of both plants and flowers. Floristry on the other hand involves the cultivation caring and/or vending of flowers. Flowers are used in a number of different occasions to express a range of meanings. Companies like cater to occasions such as weddings, valentine’s celebrations, birthday parties and visiting the sick in hospital among others. They are also used as decorations on tables, entrances, and reception tables as a few examples. Floristry is one of the creative sectors in the world today due to a wide market that ranges from corporate markets to the social events markets.

To become a florist
To become a florist, you need to have an eye for color values, artistic flower arrangement and presentation skills, patience in caring for flowers and disciplined delivery. There is an element of marketing and presentation that all florists should have in place to achieve success. In a nutshell, it involves flower care, flower display and delivery. Taking care of the flowers can be very hectic since it requires several procedures to ensure that the flowers do not wither. In most cases florists prefer to specialize in certain types of flower or specific flowers for specific occasions. This is to ensure that the flowers are properly cared for and that customer satisfaction is as high at it can possibly be. The florist’s shop is the main source of flowers. The shops can be both bricks and mortar as well as having an online presence. For an online shop, orders are placed on the website and delivery made to the client’s door step. Ultimately, a florist should be reliable and capable of same day delivery for call in orders. They must be 100% reliable for delivery to events such as for wedding flowers or for any other event when they are still fresh.

Being reliable – A key aspect of being a trustworthy florist
The most fundamental element of being a respected florist is reliably delivering fresh flowers when they are promised. Whether the flowers are requested for same day delivery or the delivery is planned months in advance such as those for a wedding, it is likely the buyer’s anticipation of receiving them on time is rather high. A professional florist knows not to disappoint! Florists are incredibly proud of the work they do for their community particularly in delivering wedding flowers and they understand the damage a missed appointment can do.

A florist is so much more than a person who delivers flowers to important events. They are stewards of life’s’ celebrations and most important occasions. No one likes to deal with individuals who are unreliable. A rule of social character is that you should be reliable. It involves fulfilling promises and having people count on you with various responsibilities. A florist should therefore be able to maintain his/her professional trust with customers by ensuring reliability. This is particular for wedding flowers that require same day delivery.

Fresh looking, elegant and breath taking flowers are what every client wants. Flowers delivered to an event a day before may not look as brilliant as same day delivery. Flowers are quite sensitive to the environment and may lose their glory when left out in the open for long.

Is floristry the profession for you?
Becoming a florist can be quite rewarding, however, it requires a lot of planning, work and business savvy to be successful. It goes without saying that you need a creative eye as floral arrangements are all about stunning presentation but there are many other demands that are not as obvious. Managing employees, scheduling receiving and deliveries, timing the preparation of arrangements and above all – keeping fresh flower stock at the right time.

This is an exciting high energy business, and for the right person it will have many rewards.

Submitted by: Ryan Francisco