Forever Fit Challenge 2011

Forever Fit Challenge 2011 is coming to CLUB 14 FITNESS and you could win $1,000.

Forever Fit Challenge

Forever Fit Challenge

Forever Fit Challenge 2011 is coming to CLUB 14 FITNESS and you could win $1,000. The Forever Fit Challenge will start on January 26th with weigh-ins on January 24th and 25th.

Last year, SearchAmelia followed several of the contestants, including Dawn who took home the women’s first place prize and SearchAmelia’s own “Alex” who finished in 2nd place in the men’s category, on their quest to lose weight. See the story and catch a glimpse of what they have in store for you by viewing last year’s weekly videos HERE.

Once an initial body weight and fat percentage are determined, you will be ready to begin. Optional weigh-ins will be offered halfway through the program for those who are interested in checking their progress.

The contest will run for eight weeks and will end March 21st and 22nd with weigh-outs.

How the Contest is Judged

The contest will be judged by two parameters:
Percentage of fat lost and pounds of body weight lost.
Regardless of your body type, all contestants will be on the same playing field.


There is a $3,000.00 Prize Purse:
1st Place Male and Female – $1,000.00 Each
2nd Place Male and Female – $300.00 Each
3rd Place Male and Female – $200.00 Each

How Much Does it Cost?

All participants will receive a nutritional consult, one private training session and weekly circuit training classes.
$69.00 for CLUB 14 FITNESS Members
$159. for guests, which includes membership to the club for the eight weeks.

CLUB 14 FITNESS is located at 1114 S. 14th Street in the 8 Flags Shopping Center near the Movie Theater on Amelia Island. Sign up today, the Forever Fit Challenge starts on January 26th!

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  1. Publisher

    My wife just signed up. She’s a feisty and highly competitive woman vying for the title “little woman”. Good luck if you want to beat her. Hey, that’s why it’s called a Challenge.

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