Forever Fit Challenge 2011 Week One VideoThe 2011 Forever Fit Challenge has begun! SearchAmelia will be following contestants on video as they lose weight and adapt to a healthier lifestyle.

Week One Participants were weighed and measured. Beginning weight and total body fat percentages were recorded by Fitness Consultant Hannah True. Appointments were made for individual fitness training as well as a meeting with CLUB 14 FITNESS’ Nutrition Coach Leanne Richardson. Circuit training for the group was scheduled for Sunday afternoons and we were there to catch the action.

“Pain is weakness leaving the body.”
Author Unknown

Fitness Consultant Chris Rodman along with Hannah started the group off with a warm-up and then a cardio workout. The group moved on to a variety of free motion machines used for strength training. Quick sets were accomplished and the group rotated one machine to the right, they were permitted a short break and the cycle began once again.

The group swiftly gained confidence in the use of each machine increasing the overall speed of moving from one station to the next.

Here is the video from Week One. In this first video, you can meet the coaches and the contestants as they compete for better health and some nice cash prizes, too!


This is a great group of participants and only a small portion of those who signed up for the contest participated in Sunday’s group circuit training class that Chris promises will get harder and harder each week.

They have all joined the challenge to lose weight, but the additional sought after benefits are as varied as the players. One is looking for better balance and tone, another is getting into shape in fear of potential medical issues if life doesn’t change. Some are regulars at the gym, others have never been inside of a gym in their adult life. There is a student who wants physical exercise to become a normal part of their day-to-day life. No matter what the reason, they have made the committment to a healthier lifestye… and anyone who has ever tried to get into shape by joining a gym knows, “Getting to the gym in the first place is the hardest part!”

As we know from our 2010 series, the contestants become friends and an “all for one” attitude is quickly developed when they realize they are all in this for the same reasons.

These are your friends, neighbors and co-workers, so if you see them on the street encourage them to keep up the great work!

Join us next week as we see how much weight some of the contestants have lost.

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