Forever Fit Challenge Week One

The first full week of the Forever Fit Challenge at Club 14 Fitness in Fernandina Beach has concluded and the contestants are highly motivated and determined to get into better physical health.

Forever Fit Challenge Week One

Forever Fit Challenge Week One

At the end of the first full week of the Forever Fit Challenge at Club 14 Fitness in Fernandina Beach, the contestants are highly motivated and determined to get into better physical health, inspired by a grand prize of $1,000 and a healthier lifestyle.

Our cameras followed Alex Watts, our SearchAmelia sales rep who is participating in the challenge, as he worked out in group exercise sessions and attended nutrition classes. The pressure is on and the competition is fierce, but he is having a great time and making new friends, too.

Others in the competition are finding additional motivation by our presence and Dawn Ferrell, a 44 year old mother of twins who lost eight pounds during the first week of the contest told us, “I will never be a size 2, but the size 12 girl hasn’t been around since the birth of my twins… unfortunately that was 6 1/2 years ago. Not eating was normal, but after kids, the metabolism went and everything else, well… shifted!!!

My goal is 50-60 pounds during the Fit Challenge and between the circuit classes and the Paleo way of eating, (which Club 14 helps you with as well) I believe I will achieve my goal. I am not as brave as Alex to state my weight, but the weekly losses will be my accountability.”

The following is from Alex’s journal notes for week one:

“So I only lost six pounds in week one. This is good. It’s not as much weight as I’d hoped for, but then I was still eating a little too much and not following the diet strictly. I feel good about it because I did eat more healthily than I would have without the Forever Fit Challenge. I also feel good about it because I worked out, and worked out hard, every single day this week. Eating the amount that I did was okay because my body was able to keep up without causing any damage or extreme fatigue. I know that I will have to step it up this coming week, though because my body is going to adjust to the rigorous workout routines, and I do not want to remain stagnant.

Some of the advice from Club 14 Fitness’ trainers was that we peak and recover, peak and recover, peak and recover throughout our routines. This is to stimulate the muscles for maximum effectiveness for overall body change. So remaining stagnant is not an option. The trainers are excellent and they push me harder than I’ve worked in a very long time. I appreciate the trainers’ intensity, my friends and family who’ve commented on SearchAmelia and on Facebook that they are behind me, and to anyone who finds this story interesting enough to follow. My goal this week is to lose at least seven pounds in order to beat last week’s number.”

We also met up with Jonathan and Gabrielle Carter, they are a brother and sister team who entered the weight loss contest and they both attend Fernandina Beach High School. Gabby did well and lost a couple of pounds for week one, but Johnathan actually gained one pound. Focusing on his strength training and not spending a balanced amount of time on cardio had him exchanging fat for muscle. While it does not look encouraging on the scales, this contest in fact, takes not only weight loss, but also the percentage of body fat lost into the equation. This week his trainers are redirecting his work-outs and he is still very much a strong contender to win the prize money!

As this Forever Fit Challenge continues, contestants will encounter triumphs, disappointments and self discovery. Join them on this journey over the next few weeks and if you see them about town share a few words of encouragement with them to keep them excited and motivated to continue improving their health.

Forever Fit Challenge Video – The Weigh-in

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  1. rlane555

    You rock, Search Amelia! Great video coverage this week. Alex, you're making us proud. 6 pounds is awesome. There's no turning back now, keep up the good work!

  2. Ameliaprivateeye

    You guys are doing great! Dawn's laughter is contagious!

  3. Ameliaprivateeye

    Shot some new video of the contestants for the Forever Fit Challenge – they are doing great and you can physically “see” the difference they are making in their bodies and it has barely been two short weeks!

  4. John Wheelwright

    Funny. I watched a bit of this Celebrity Weigh In Reality Show last night, which was actually very empowering. But these people are serious with a Big S. Cursing and whining. Think this program at Club14 would suit me much better than being barked at by a drill sergeant. I'll be following this closely

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