Giant Water Slide and Chickens on Commissioner Agenda

Fernandina decides on a giant water slide at Main Beach and if residents can raise chickens on city property.

Giant Waterslide and Chickens on Commissioner AgendaThere are four items of interest on the City Commissioner Meeting’s agenda for April 15, 2014, that caught my attention.

The first is a City Proclamation celebrating Felix Jones’ 50th birthday. Felix is a Fernandina Beach icon and I am thrilled the city is recognizing his contributions as a Goodwill Ambassador to Fernandina Beach.

The next item that caught my attention is discussion to pass an ordinance regarding chickens. It appears the city has had a number of inquiries about keeping or raising chickens on private property within the city limits. The proposed change will limit the number of chickens permitted, (literally, there will be a permit system if you choose to own chickens) and roosters will be prohibited. Current chicken owners will be required to come into compliance with the new provisions.

Another item on the agenda is a proposal by Brent Palmer, of Oceanus Slides. This item will impact the Main Beach area of Amelia Island from Memorial Day until Labor Day, and that is the installation of a temporary inflatable waterslide similar to the one pictures. If approved, the owner will operate the slide and pay the City 20% of their total gross revenue. In other communities, the City pays for the electricity and the water to operate the slide.

Finally, after this meeting and its eight City Proclamations, the City has on the agenda formal discussion of policy and procedures for processing Proclamation requests.

That is what caught my attention on the current City Commissioner agenda, what is catching yours?

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