Goffinsville Park Opens Soon in Nassauville

Nassau County’s newest public access to the river, Goffinsville Park, is scheduled to open on the 22nd of July. Located off of 107 in Nassauville, this new park is handicap accessible and features restroom facilities, a concession stand, a playground for children and the young at heart, a fishing pier, kayak launch, a nice boat ramp and deep truck and trailer parking spaces. The area is currently closed as they are laying sod and putting the finishing touches on this exciting new waterfront park. The Grand Opening will be held on July 22, 2009, at 10:00 AM at 95001 Goffinsville Road in Nassauville.



  1. Mark Dennis

    I've been looking forward to the “new and improved” Goffinsville Park for quite a while. Does anyone have details of what exactly the “kayak launch” looks like? Hopefully, it isn't a floating dock. Dragging a kayak down a narrow ramp and launching/recovering from a floating dock is no fun, particularly if you are also hauling fishing gear. Then again, there is always the boat ramp.

  2. Ameliaprivateeye

    Good news for you. As soon as the park is turned over to Nassau County I will be given a personal tour by the construction supervisor including photos and video of Goffinsville Park – I'll be sure to get a good shot of the kayak launch, especially for you. Check back often as I don't have a confirmed date yet for the interview, but our “sneak peak” will be before the park opens to the public!

  3. markdennis


    Thanks very much for your offer! My kayak fishing buddies at http://www.jaxkayakfishing.com and my own website, http://www.neflkayakfishing.com, will be very interested in checking out the new facilities at Goffinsville Park.

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