Gold Stock May Shoot Up 1000 Percent

When gold gets harder to come by, main street investors will look at gold stocks to buy

Gold is the Safest Currence Around

Gold is the Safest Currence Around

Remember that the Fed’s pumping up of the money supply ignited a huge bubble in tech stocks and then an even more massive global bubble in real estate – which is over for a long time, incidentally – and they’re still creating tons of dollars. That will inevitably ignite other asset bubbles.

Where? I can’t say for certain, but I say the odds are extremely high that as gold goes up, for all the reasons I’ve spoken historically about and more, that a lot of this funny money is going to be directed into [junior exploration] gold stocks, which are not just a micro-cap area of the market but a nanocap area of the market.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: when the public gets the bit in its teeth and wants to buy gold stocks, it’s going to be like trying to siphon the contents of the Hoover Dam through a garden hose.

Gold stocks, as a class, are going to be explosive. Now, you’ve got to remember that most of them are junk. Most exploration companies will never, ever find an economical deposit. But it’s hopes and dreams that drive them, not reality, and even without merit, they can still go ten, twenty, or thirty times your entry price. And the companies that actually have the goods will eventually go much higher than that.

At the moment, gold stock prices are not as cheap, in either relative or absolute terms, as they were at the last turn of the century, nor last fall. But given that the Mania Phase is still ahead, they are good speculations right now – especially the ones that have actually discovered gold deposits that appear economical.

If you would like to participate in the coming gold rush there are less risky ways to reap 100’s% returns .  The ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) for gold stocks is GDX . It has shares in major and junior gold stocks. GDX stands to yield excessive returns. The least risky and my back bone position for all portfolios is the out right ownership of gold and silver coins and bullion.
If you have been thinking about it but don’t know exactly where to start you may want to get your hands on a copy of “The ABC’s of Gold Investing”. The second updated edition just came off the presses and you can order it directly from their website for less than $10;

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  1. Hal_Burns

    Some of the best advice I have heard in a long time comes from Market Man. Yes, Gold will continue to rise. I too believe we will see Gold shot up and simply dominate the investment markets. I'm buying a little more.

  2. buy gold

    yes that's true i too beleav that Gold Stock May Shoot Up 1000 Percent .thanks for the right hope to the author.
    Thanks for the great reading, we Buy Gold
    in a recession. I will pass this on to our ira clients to read.

  3. jc28

    VHGI 3rd Quarter 10Q shows positive income; Gold Strategy

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