GUTS FORMULA Well Received at Xtreme Business Success Seminar

GUTS FORMULA Well Received at Xtreme Business Success Seminar

Deb Cottle

The Xtreme Business Success Seminar included something for everyone with six featured speakers, including author Deb Cottle, president of World on A String. Each presenter offered quality information that was relevant in today’s current economic times and the reviews from this Jacksonville event are in: “The event was inspiring, motivating and educational. I highly recommend going to future events,” said Kenny Harper, digital marketing/web design professional.

Deb Cottle’s 4Step GUTS FORMULA for Success is a simple plan that offered attendees a great strategy for business success. Her formula is easy to remember and practical to implement into your life immediately.

“I think all of the attendees, not only enjoyed themselves, but learned from each and every speaker,” Deb said. “I was honored to be asked to participate.”

Other speakers included Cindy Coates, an expert in networking, and Matthew Barrett of Brain-Trainers who shared his technique for remembering names in an energetic presentation. Jim Mainwaring, CPA, offered ten tax tips and Ashley Berg discussed five strategies to save money in your business. Event organizer, and owner of Web Marketing of North Florida, Chuck Hall, talked about maximizing exposure on the internet.Deb Cottle appears as a keynote speaker around the country motivating individuals and groups for major corporations, non-profits and associations. She also offers private coaching to help you exceed personal and professional expectations.

To learn more about Deb, her book, Success Simplified, or her newest CD, Music & Motivation (Songs and Messages to Lift the Spirit, Volume 1), visit her website at or give her a call at (904) 261-2712.

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