Happy Valentine Picnic in Fort Clinch

Something unique just for her on Valentine's Day and totally within the budget. A Fort Clinch Picnic in the Park.

Valentine Picnic in the Park

Valentine Picnic in the Park

OK guys, you know it and I know and she knows we both know it.  Valentines day is today and this is a reminder just in case you were oblivious to all the advertising.  Now I don’t know about your wife, girlfriend or significant other, but I will be willing to bet you a dollar to a dozen doughnuts that she is expecting something for today set aside for cupid and love.

If you are like most men today you are more concerned with just how you are going to pay the bills this month then what you are going to spend on a Valentine’s gift, right?  If you go out to dinner the first thing you will encounter is long wait lines at most restaurants and about seventy five to one hundred dollars before it is all over.  For most of us today that is just not in our budget.

I may have found a solution though.  I was visiting a friend a couple of weeks ago at our very own Fort Clinch State park.  I had the opportunity to visit one of the scenic view areas along the marshes of Egans Creek on the West side of the entrance road.  The little path opened up to a very nice deck with seating, it was late in the afternoon and the sun was beginning to set.  Folks I was born and raised on this Island, other then three years with the military I have never lived anywhere else, I have tot ell you I was totally captivated by this scene.

I was thinking what a neat idea it would be to pack a small picnic basket, maybe with a little wine and take your other half for a sunset meal.  Think about it, it is totally unique and she may be the only wife who is enjoying this very romantic time with her husband or boyfriend.  She will certainly have something to share with her girlfriends the next day.  As for price?  Six dollars to get into the fort gate and whatever you spend on the basket of food and drink, that’s it.  I think you are more likely to see cupid flying around there then in a crowded restaurant.   Here’s to Love.

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  1. ameliadude

    Sounds like a great Idea. Maybe we will do that.

  2. Randy

    I had planned on visiting Fort Clinch (I have never been there) I was going to go during the shrimpfest, so my wife and I could cool off and enjoy the beach. Maybe get a bite to eat where shrimp wasn't $1 each. Then get back for the fireworks.
    Once again thanks Sky towing, for stealing our car, beach supplys, cell -phones, etc.

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