High School Graduation Gift Ideas

Here is a list of high school graduation gift ideas based on the student's post-high school plans.

High School Graduation Gift IdeasBuying a high school graduation gift is fairly easy especially if money is no object, so buy the graduate a car.

For budget minded gift givers, cash and gift cards are always a safe choice.

But, if you are looking for something a little more thoughtful or personal, here is a list of other gifts based on the student’s post-high school plans that may inspire you to find that perfect present for the graduate in your life:

Going Away to College
    -Laundry basket packed with soap, bleach, dryer sheets and three or four rolls of quarters.
    -Cleaning supplies for their dorm or apartment.
    -Small fridge
    -Alarm clock
    -Restaurant gift cards
    -Vacuum cleaner
    -DVD Player
    -Treasured book or jewelry
    -Sewing kit
Going into the Armed Forces
    -Fuel cards
    -Savings bonds
    -Phone cards
    -Address book
    -Stationary and stamps
    -Wallet with money
    -Waterproof watch
    -Write frequent, unscented, encouraging letters during boot camp
    -Letters are best sent as letters and not greeting cards.
    -NO care packages until after graduation!
    -Sending care packages often has negative consequences during boot camp. If you must send a package, there must be enough for everyone, so send a case of one item!
    -The best gift? Plan to attend their boot camp or basic training graduation.
College bound Living at Home
    -Grocery store gift certificates
    -Oil change supplies
    -Fuel cards
    -Collegiate clothing
    -Stocked backpack with supplies
    -Car safety kit
Moving Out with a Job
    -Grocery store gift cards
    -Bucket with cleaning supplies like Pine-Sol, mop, broom and rags.
    -Bill organizer but be sure to include stamps, envelopes and a decent ink pen.
    -A check made out to the utility company to help with deposits
    -Any household appliance
    -Sheets and towels
    -Tool box with tools
    -Work apparel
Traveling for the Summer
    -Digital camera
    -Post card stamps
    -Extra memory cards
    -Travel sized products
    -Gas cards if applicable
    -Watch with alarm settings
    -Self defense course
Staying Home with No Plans
    -Grocery store gift cards
    -Gas gift cards
    -Self help books
    -Resume writing service gift certificate
    -Appointment with a “head-hunter”
    -A job
    -All other gifts should go to the person footing the bills!

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  1. Alpaca

    I loved your idea for the college bound grad! I went to http://www.dormco.com/?Click=18851  and found all of the dorm essentials. Not only was I able to make her graduation gift special, but now that all of the shopping is done I won’t have to worry about it the rest of the summer!  Thank you for the great gift ideas!

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