Hiring an In-house SEO: Is It a Good Idea?Decisions relating to employing people are pretty challenging. Hiring decisions are particularly tough when SEOs are in question. You need to come to a concrete decision regarding whether to hire a specialized agency or opt for employing an in-house SEO. Both have their own distinctive advantages and pitfalls. You need to make a smart decision that fulfills your requirements and helps you to attain your business goals and objectives. However, we would be discussing why hiring an in-house SEO may not be a wise option.

Your Site May Not Be Requiring a Full-Time SEO
If you have a website that comprises only a few pages, you do not actually require the services of a full-time SEO. This does not imply that SEO is not that critical to your website. SEO is very much important, but it would be less time-consuming to optimize and maintain optimization of a relatively smaller website. However, huge websites that consist of thousands of pages would need numerous in-house SEOs as well as some agency assistance.

A Full-time In-House SEO Could be Pretty Expensive
As per some reputed sites the average salary for full-time SEO professional is about $76,000. Additionally you need to spend on taxes, healthcare and training to keep him/her abreast with the latest technology. However, cost is just a factor in the decision-making process. You must more importantly consider the results. From results point of view, an agency comes up with better outcomes, even though you end up paying lower or at best, equal fees. Just keep in mind that cost is only one among many other important considerations. Join a reputed SEO training academy to gain adequate knowledge for making robust SEO decisions.

The In-House SEO May Be Lacking in Skill set
SEO specialists need to be multi-faceted. SEO today entails a wide range of activities. It is almost impossible for any SEO professional to possess all the requisite skills for taking a comprehensive approach toward a particular business’s search marketing strategies. An agency would be providing you comprehensive services as a broader skill set could be utilized and accessed.

There are basically three broad categories of SEO skills:
Onsite SEO: The on-site SEO is highly skilled in handling content that gives a tremendous boost to rankings. They are in total control of the back-end relating to content optimization from optimization of title tags to effectively tracking down 404s. Additionally they are incredibly proficient in keyword mapping and keyword research.
Technical SEO: This sort of SEO specialists are extremely tech-savvy and are capable of optimizing even the most cutting-edge features or attributes of site speed, fine-tuning your SSL and optimizing code-to-text ratios.
Link SEO: it is an acknowledged fact that backlinks play a pivotal role as far as search rankings are concerned. This SEO expert is regarded as a link-genie. He is the one assisting sites in escaping link penalties, building strong backlinks and a wonderfully optimized link profile.

The fact is, it is in very rare cases you would find an individual SEO, who is competent in fulfilling all the above three roles. An agency generally hires enough SEOs for ensuring all three categories are fully covered.

May Not Be Competent Enough to Come Up with Effective Search Strategy
A full-time SEO may not be adequately equipped to create a truly comprehensive SEO stratagem. An agency on the contrary is capable of resetting and defining search strategy of any business.

Strategy is vital to organic search. The strategy has to be really flexible as search trends are constantly undergoing changes. While making the hiring decision, you must keep in mind factors such as strategy, flexibility and continuity.

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