Holiday Health ReminderNow is the time to pay attention to your holiday health and here is a holiday health reminder : you must remain constantly aware of your food portions and your physical activity while avoiding unnecessary stress. Right? Ha ha, yes… it can be done.

Celebrating the holidays with family and friends tends to lead us down Temptation Street full of sweet desserts, heavy dinners and alcoholic indulgence. ‘Tis the season to eat more, spend more and stress more… all while working out less. Our schedules are disrupted with holiday parties, family get-togethers, high calorie gifts, financial strains, out of town guests, entertaining and other stress inducers…

Gaining just two or three pounds during the holidays lead to January resolutions that are often never met, leaving you adding on the pounds year after year, after year.

Trying to lose weight now, during the holidays is not often successful, but maintaining your current weight and NOT putting on new pounds through New Year’s Eve – is considered a success.

Count your calories and don’t skip your regular workouts and you should be fine… if you do indulge, cut back on your next meals and take in more exercise.

…and get plenty of sleep. Those late nights will take their toll in a hurry!

If you find your health spinning out of control this holiday season, seek the help of a professional trainer, a reputable gym, or a dietary advisor; you may find that by being mindful of your diet and excercise you can give yourself the best gift of all… a healthier you this holiday season.

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