It all starts with a budget

It’s that joyful time of the year again! As Thanksgiving rings in the traditional Holiday Season, we all remember cheerful holiday seasons that passed.  My first one was in 1980 in Atlanta Georgia. My accountant Joe Delgado invited me to come and celebrate my first Thanksgiving in The US with his family. I have never seen more food stacked on tables and countertops as on that day, yet the economy was suffering hugely as inflation ran up to the high teens. I sat with Joe and discussed budgets while he watched the game out of the corner of his eye. It was a new world for me, but one I have come to appreciate for many different reasons.

In 1980 No one would go and shop on their credit cards because interest rates across the board were 18-28%. That basically meant that if you bought a $100 gift, by the end of January you were looking at $118 to $128 (technically). Fast forward to today, 30 years later,  and we see that credit card companies are still up to their old games, charging ridiculous interest rates for money they essentially get for free (0.25% anyone?). That’s why I asked young, newlywed Jessica to research and share with us what here generation is looking at in terms of celebrating the holidays in a frugal fashion. I read the newly edited book and it is fabulous. So let me share some of her thoughts with yu on how to create memorable holidays without sinking in the quicksand of paying for it the rest of your life.

In Jessica’s words: At first we begin to anxiously plan for the season ahead. Next we start to panic at the thought of what we’re going to buy and how much we are going to spend, and for whom—especially in today’s economy.
And in a moment of joyful sanity we must ask ourselves if we can afford another spending frenzy that burns deep holes in our pockets and puts our own families even further in debt with unnecessary credit card spending.

Many of us probably can’t. For me— a newlywed and recent college graduate still paying off student loans— definitely not.
Most of us are looking to not exceed budgets when planning parties and gifts. Frugal is the word, and being creative is the key to saving money while still enjoying the Holidays with family and friends.

So I was asked to update and and give my very personal twist to the downloadable 120 page loaded with saving tips and stories.
First and foremost, the mission of this ebook is to provide practical and actionable information on how to create an affordable, memorable holiday experience for you and your loved ones. In other words, you have to come out ahead of your budget and feel you had the best Holidays ever.

So, with an open mind and an open heart, I invite you to join our team of money saving experts as we conceptually turn this year’s spending frenzies and Black Friday nightmares into a frugal holiday adventure you will not soon forget!

Here is what the book has to offer in chapters:

Table of Contents:

Chapter I ABC’s of a Frugal Holiday: Saving, Earning and Spending Wisely
Chapter II Simple Giving: Save on Holiday Cards, Photos and Labels & Consider “Re-Gifting”
Chapter III Advanced Giving: The Online Approach plus Wise Shopper Tips
Chapter IV Holiday Travel: Transportation, Dining &more
Chapter V Deck the Halls with Frugal Flair
Chapter VI  Holiday Entertaining: Checklists, Tips and Customs
Chapter VII Recipes & Cocktails
Chapter VIII  Gift Wrapping: DIY + Money Saving Tips
Chapter IX Fun games for Holiday Vacation
Chapter X Carols, Stories, Songs and Poems
Chapter XI With Santa Around the World
Chapter XII  12 Days of Christmas the energy saving way!

Buy the download and start saving immediately.

UPDATE: Chairman of just said: “Many shoppers will wonder after the weekend why they put themselves through this misery when they can go online, shop for 20 minutes and save a bunch of money”. Here is my suggestion: Go online, spend 50% of your budget and shop local with the other 50%. Have fun, sleep a healthy 8 hours and avoid traffic, pick pockets and store anxiety.

Have a Great Thanksgiving