Photographing Children Sports and Activities
Photographing Children Sports and Activities

Children’s sports run practically all year long no matter what part of the country you live in.  Sports like soccer, basketball, football, la cross and more and with the different leagues and age groups many of these sports run simultaneously. Time to get the camera out.

Recently I visited the local baseball field to watch our good friend’s son at tryouts. In the first 30 minutes of being a spectator I noticed several changes, compared to previous years. There are lots more children playing and far less parents present than I remember from years past. While visiting with several single parents I learned how tough it has become for both parental units to be at each game due to second jobs and other obligations. One mother I spoke with asked me if I would mind taking a few pictures of her son at bat so his father, who was away on active duty, could receive them via e-mail. Of course I was only too happy to oblige thinking the whole time what a great home based business this could be.

So the business I am proposing is to become a freelance photographer at local events such as these sports meets or parades, theatre plays for kids etc…  The list of activities for a part time photographer with regard to children is literally endless. The pictures that you would be taking would be of the entire game, but focusing on each player individually. Once these pictures have been taken you upload them to a web site so they can be seen by all. Gather all email addresses from as many parents as you can get your hands on to let them know when the pictures are uploaded to the Web site.

Parents can then choose the pictures they are interested in, e-mail you the order, you would get that particular picture or pictures printed and delivered.  There is a lot less pressure for a parent with this approach and they are far more likely to purchase after they have reviewed the pictures than before not knowing how they will come out.

This style of home based business requires so very little to get up and running. Tools you would need are a good digital camera, a Web site or Photo upload account, flyers to be handed to parents on game day, a little ad in the local church and community papers and the willingness to be present at the games to capture the action.

Freelance photography has been around for many years but in all the times I have been to childrens’ sports events, not one time have I ever seen a person taking pictures for this reason. If you are like me and love to go to these types of events and are in need of some extra income, consider taking this home based business on. The investment is minimal, your time spent will be enjoyable and the extra income could be substantial.


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